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  1. Hello all, I’m looking to buy a seawarden on foot. many thanks
  2. Afternoon All! Can someone share some pictures of their painted Wayfinder as looking for inspiration online appears to be difficult? TIA J.
  3. Hi @Skreech Verminking, I agree with you on that one. and cheers for the heads up on cannon! 😃
  4. Morning All, This maybe obvious to some but after a recent game of Age of Sigmar we got into discussion over how we "understand" Gotrek Gurnissons abilities. Specifically the Avatar of Grimnir ability. it reads If the damage inflicted by an attack, spell or ability that targets or affects this model is greater than 1, change it to 1. I read this as if the damage Charaterisitc of the the attacking unit is 2, that this will be changed to 1? so if the attacking unit lands 4 attacks on Gurnisson and he fails 2 saves rolls, the most damage he can receive is 2 wounds(one per attack) or 1 wound for the entire attack? I hope this reads okay? if anyone one can help out please let me know.
  5. Hi, Did you have any luck with this? i recently put up the same requested and got no replies? but as it happens i may end up with some spare?
  6. Very true, Ive got the sister of the watch and i think they are great, last time i played with them i had a friend charge them with Saurus Warriors and with there ability to shoot them on a charge, it cleared the Saurus out.. was so chuffed. i was amazed at how well Eternal guards hold objective due to their abilities and having cast mystic shield on them, they were so strong! I did buy a box of Wildwood Ranger (the reverse box) but im thinking i might just make more Eternal Guards. i find them with the Sister, with Kurnoth Hunters and a Waywatcher sitting back works well and a spellweaver near by to revive lost models. I have invested in a Gotrek Gurnisson to play as my Centre Forward and he does throw his weight around, he just very point heavy at 520.
  7. @Skreech Verminking WOW! So so good😍! *** Dreaming .... one day**** i find its hard enough finding a good enough sized table top to play on and somewhere safe to keep it.
  8. That sounds decent! heres one of my Knights I painted a little while ago - goes to say I like to use a lot of shade and dry brushing! And his horn fell off 😔
  9. Hi @Skreech Verminking, Thank you for the Welcome, I did look at the Skaven Armies back when i had the exciting decision of which army to build first and i like them for their Heroes and large artillery units but i wasn't a fan of their militia based models. saying that though i do have an Arc-Warlock from the Skaven Army, I just haven't built him yet. 15,000 WOW! I hope you have them all out on display? BJT
  10. Hi All, Cant wait to be part of this large community, ive been collecting and modelling for the last 3 years. so far I've only played with a few friends not brave enough yet to join a larger community. im currently running with: 5,000 points of Chaos Slaves to Darkness Khorne Little bit of Tzeentch 1,500 Points of Order Mostly Wood Elves/Wanderers/Sylvaneth Im eager to see how other players armies look like! Many thanks BJT
  11. G'day! I have also started collecting Wanderers because who doesnt love a wood elf eh? do you find that they lack a bit of.... thats something special? What list are you using for them? Thanks BJT
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