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Beyond Mortal rules clarification

Twisted magpie

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I'm looking at the card 'Beyond Mortal' and notice that the first option only states a friendly fighter having 4 around tokens whereas the second option states a 'surviving friendly fighter'. 

It seems obvious to be but I want to clarify for a friend I play with that the first option means that if I have a fighter in the warband with 4 wounds that has been taken out of the action I can still score the Objective because it doesn't specify a surviving fighter.


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You would need a surviving friendly fighter with 4 wound tokens to achieve the first objective. When a fighter is taken out of action, you clear all tokens from the fighter. Since a fighter is taken out of action during the combat sequence before objectives are scored, a 4 wound fighter could not meet the condition. Furthermore, the Beastgrave book now states that fighters out of action play no further part in the game, meaning your out of action fighter would not be eligible to score the card, even if the tokens were not cleared prior. 

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