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  1. Do you have to roll defense dice even if there are no successes? For example in use with luggit & thwak to see if you score a success in defense?
  2. Do you have to roll defense dice even if there are no successes? For example in use with luggit & thwak to see if you score a success in defense?
  3. I'm looking at the card 'Beyond Mortal' and notice that the first option only states a friendly fighter having 4 around tokens whereas the second option states a 'surviving friendly fighter'. It seems obvious to be but I want to clarify for a friend I play with that the first option means that if I have a fighter in the warband with 4 wounds that has been taken out of the action I can still score the Objective because it doesn't specify a surviving fighter.
  4. Thank you, it's ok. The app needed to be rewarded after I paid for the subscription.
  5. I must be going mad but I can't find anywhere in the app to create a new army list!
  6. An I reading correctly that a unit of plague monks with fetid blade and staff of woe when blessed with rabid-rabid and having just charges will have 7 attacks each in the front row and 3 attacks for the second row? That just seems a bit much really considering with a unit of over 30 they hit on 3 and wound on 3 (staff wound on 4)
  7. I'm thinking of upgrading this army to 2000 points. I'll add to the above to make this... Grey seer Plague priest on furnace Hell pit abomination 30 plague monks 2 X warpfire throwers Claw horde to include the warlord 2 units of 40 clanrats 30 stormvermin However I also figured that I could keep the clanrats units at 20 each and use them to grab objectives and bump both the monks and stormvermin to 40 each. Do you think this would be a better idea? I'm not sure the battalion is worth it if I only have 1 big unit to use the warlord ability on, however if like to know if the artifact and command point are worth it?
  8. Brilliant, thank you. That will be a help
  9. Ok, that's worth considering. I have about half of my monks modelled with each option so I can just keep the selected for up front. 😁. However I don't quite understand how many command points I'll be feasibly using in a match and trying to balance that against having a weapon that I won't hit with as often.
  10. Thanks for the prompt reply Skreech, I do have the app but I thought I had to pay before getting access to writing lists and the points. Can you help me understand the benefit of retreating and charging again?
  11. Hi everyone I'm an old 8th ed player, I'm looking to play some AOS games because I've heard 2nd edition is much more succinct. However I'm a little dubious so I don't want to spend out on books until I've played a couple to ensure I enjoy it. I'm using battlescribe just for the moment to put together a list (will pay for the official app if I like it all) so I don't know how complete the information is, please correct me or feel free to give any general advice on changes to the list. So far... Grey Sear (spell plague, Skaven brew and being a master manipulator) Plague priest on furnace 30 monks with double blades 2 units of 20 clanrats with rusty blades and shields Hell pit abomination I have 30 points left over and not sure how to use them. I don't know what all the various banners and bells do so a little advice on those would be great.
  12. Karsus the chained uses his area attack when inspired but misses his first hit. In reaction I play Maddening cackle and uninspire him. Can he continue his area attack or does he lose the ability immediately?
  13. Karsus the chained has total offense on him and uses his savage whirl ability, did the total offense count for all attacks because the card only States that he cannot be activated again
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