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Scions of Cripple Peak and other deathly legions.

Lord marcus

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Greetings, fellow servants of the great necromancer.

I intend for this thread to be a repository for all of my works pertaining to the legions of death in the mortal realms.

To begin, we have my newly formed Ossiarch bonereaper legion, the Scions of Cripple Peak. I will have the first portion of some fluff detailing thier purpose and background shortly.

As to the army: I intend this to be a slow grow force. I currently have just bought the one box of Mortek Guard to work on.

In the other realnsof undeath, I own a sizeable number of 3rd party undead models from various sources, as well as a small detachment of Nighthaunt.

I leave you with where my progress is currently: 5 mortek guard painted and ready for the table, and the rest built.


C+C wecome and encouraged




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On 1/5/2020 at 11:01 PM, kenshin620 said:

Neat! Are the normal skeles from that new company Atlantic?

Correct! Wargames Atlantic.

Regarding battle damage @Dolinarius, I prefer the polished look, as if the tomb complex was sealed and undisturbed. Alternatively I see it as the king wanting his troops to look the part, and so skeletons get set to fixing equipment.

Also an update. 2 chainrasps, 1 GoS and one ST painted, with a dreadblade harrow in progress.



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