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Liberators: Saves and different equipment/weapons.



Hello everyone!

I'm currently in the progress of putting together my new box of Stormcast Eternal Liberators (got to love these new models!). I have a question though, or rather, a need for clarification so I know I'm fair to myself and to my opponent. Ok, so here goes:

My Liberators will have Shield and Hammers, expect one guy who will wield a grandblade (too cool not to take :)). Now, shields for Liberators work as follows; You can re-roll save rolls of 1 if any models from the unit are carrying shields. Does that mean that if there's any models left with shields they all get to re-roll 1's when it comes to saves, even the grandblade? And on the opposite side of the spectrum; if the model with the grandblade is the only model left he will not be able to take a shield save, since there's no longer any models with the shield in the unit?

Thank you!

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