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Hi everyone !


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Hello there, I've come to find this forum while searching for advice on how to play Legion of Grief and as the community here for AoS seems to be very active and thriving I believe I'll stay !

I'm from Belgium, the French-speaking part, I play 40k with AdMech, AoS with Nighthaunts and D&D, and I love reading and video games. 

I'm quite sick of 40k at the moment with all the power creep and the absurd lethality of the game, and so have come to AoS because I prefer the gameplay and the flow of it, even if balance isn't perfect it's still loads of fun.

Thanks for reading !

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Welcome to AOS, it's a great game .  It's also pretty lethal, but more melee-focused and less destruction from afar.  I also think that the majority of factions are relatively close in terms of power-level.  I know nothing about Legion of Grief, but I'm sure you'll find all you need to know here.  

Have fun!


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