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  1. I didn't know about the discussions, I haven't looked in the right topics I guess, it reassures me somewhat that it's talked about. But I don't agree that it's "just another game mechanic we have to work around" like double turn. Not going to start the debate here but I hate double turn, and this new rule too. If they changed the rules so that units didn't have melee range anymore I'd be fine with it, however this combination of two game systems doesn't work. I don't want to "work around" a key aspect of the gameplay, a game is supposed to be designed to be fun, not to invalidate my collection and make me dodge the shoddy parts of it. Bad game design is all there is. I'll try a handful of games when I can but if it doesn't work I'm waiting for the next battletome, errata or edition for AoS.
  2. I don't know what they were thinking with the coherency rules. I may be hyperboling but these rules just don't work with AoS. It works in 40k because units fight by rank, here in AoS it's per model range. So every 32+ mm unit in the game can't fight with more than one rank anymore ? It seems to favour shooting and magic even more as they don't have to deal with this, and get more tools to flee charges. For those of us who don't own 30+ Reapers and don't want to buy them, Nighthaunts seem functionnaly broken. I honestly have trouble finding the will to try and enjoy AoS with this current ruleset. I'm surprised there isn't more outcry about coherency. And they delete FB comments about it.
  3. They'd have to sculpt a new separate mold for these models, it's very expensive to do. So the release of the model separately is unlikely, has they won't cover the costs of the new mold with the model, as most NH players already have it. It's going to be like that with most boxed set exclusives as long as the sprues are all mixed up together.
  4. 10 free CPs per game is problematically powerful to me. Meanwhile as Legion of Grief we lost our cool 5+/5+ Aetherquartz Brooch build that allowed us to be competitive. They may not be the most OP crazy powerful army so far but they're shaping up to be like Space Marines in current 40k, they have everything and they do it better than you, and playing against them is a miserable experience. I don't want AoS to become like that.
  5. Not going to slow down on the power creep are they ?
  6. Did something change for Legion of Grief rules-wise ? Haven't played an AoS game since at least February 2020. I know the Realm Artifacts have changed and so we can't do the CP recycling list anymore. Is there a new direction for LoG for us to take ? Can we have Ossiarchs ?
  7. Yeah it is CP expensive. I ran them in a Legion of Grief list though, back when we could get 2CP on a 5+ each time we used a CP with the right Artifact and Warlord Trait. Here you'll want to save 1 or 2 CP to target your main threat and hope it works. I killed a KoS with Banshees so it works !
  8. 48 seems a bit excessive lol, I never played more than a unit of 12 and found them really good, you do have to build a bit around them though. They shine against magic of course, but add a Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed and/or a Vampire Lord as Ally and you rapidly have a lot of strong attacks. They're susceptible to -1 to Hit though, having rerolls is important. Important to know, a unit of 12 will always do more damage with +1A than +1 to Hit, assuming they're hitting at 4+ base, so having this KoSoES is important.
  9. I don't believe he's going to be released before several months, these previews are shown really early.
  10. Well I'm always open for more choices, don't want to end up like Fyreslayers. I'm confident a book is in the works and our beloved ghosts will be more threatening !
  11. I believe they'll wait for the next edition of AoS before releasing our book, and I'm hopeful about a character protection rule like in 40K that would help tremendously to prevent hero sniping. For reference the rule is something along the lines of: They added later in Errata that Monster or Vehicle Characters of 9W or less couldn't protect each other but that's it essentially. I think a tweaked rule like this would help a lot, adapted to AoS of course. Some specialised units or Characters could have a "Sharpshooter" rule that allows them to bypass that rule because there's still less shooting in AoS than 40k of course, and the rule could be easily abused with untargetable Wizards and such.
  12. Don't be disheartened, it's not only the list that makes the win or the loss, there's the mission objectives, the opposing list, the players, and luck ! You should keep trying the same list against different people it might come out great ! When testing a list, you should aim to do at least 4-5 games with it in different scenarios to truly know if it's to your liking or not.
  13. Wow ! Check out this model from the preview today: I've only known this Krulghast Cruciator for 10 minutes but if anything happened to him I would kill everyone in this room and then myself
  14. Yeah our damage is really reliant on crits or buffs save some models. I've written a test list for a ranged Nighthaunt band: - Guardian of Souls - Tomb Banshee - Chainghast - Chainghast - Grimghast Reaper - Chainrasp 985 pts Pros: - Can hit at ranges 7-9 max with 4 models, meaning most warbands will need two full actions to move in engagement range if you manage your moves right, so better offensive tempo; - 5 out of 6 fighters are T5, hard to wound except with crits or abilities; - The Reaper can mark a target to have the Banshee and Guardian hit at S4 with their ranged attack, interesting because of base 2 or 3 damage Cons: - Not exploiting the full speed of Nighthaunts, half models move 5"; - Guardian of Souls' Triple is kinda meh; - Chainghasts are weak outside of crits, they have to be well-positioned so as to do 2 attack actions each activation I'll try to test it when my Chainghasts and Tomb Banshee are painted ! Looks fun overall even if not the most optimised.
  15. Yeah I'd love to include Bladegheists, they're my favourite models, but unfortunately their rules are disappointing. I don't get why they do only 1 damage on normals, they've got huge swords and are really good in AoS. For 10 points more the Myrmourn Banshee is better. Though with your list there's no wiggle room so I'd suggest Reapers too if you're looking to optimise a bit. Hitting from 2" is a great advantage, and the Reaper's ability helps a lot with the Spirit Host. Though compared to the Reapers, the Bladegheists hit at S4, which mean they're less reliant on buffs to deal damage. But 1 damage is so poor that you'd rely on crits for their damage, which means they're on equal footing damage-wise with the Reapers. At least the Reapers give more flexibility, because with a double you can either mark a target and focus it down with the rest of the team, or use the universal double to get +1A/action. The Bladegheist only have access to the latter. Do you guys prefer playing bigger but less models, horde, or a balanced mix ? There's many choices in the big ghosts roster now and they're both fast and resilient against most armies. However they're less activations/round and less bodies to contest. But I'm thinking with the rule that allows us to keep control of an objective even when we leave it (as long as there's no other enemies of course) we can play the speed game and seize early, then charge in and rack up points. Knight on Steed or the Dreadblade's ability would be ideal for this scenario. By the way we now have access to the Unmade's Terrifying Visage on a triple with the Harridans, it's costly as a triple but being able to just freeze a dude for a whole round is a huge deal. I've played a game where I froze a Troggoth with a 85 pts model for 3 rounds. That's super useful, and I wish the Banshee had this ability instead of Frightening Touch. I'm going to try to write a satisfying ranged list too, between the Guardian of Souls, Banshee and Chainghasts I'm sure we can manage a fun thing.
  16. Hey, I'm back in Warcry after a long forced pause from Covid but now I can manage a few games a month. I'm thrilled by the new book that features more Nighthaunts ! I usually play Unmade but now that the roster is bigger I'll go with Nighthaunts for my next games. With that said there's a lot of choice now. I think I'll definitely go with a Knight of Shroud as leader, but I'm wondering about giving the Steed or not. Having 10" move is huge, as well as the extra wounds. The Spirit Torment is a solid contender too for heavy hitters, but he can't regen as good as the KoS but can hit from 2". The Guardian of Souls is also a welcome addition with the ranged attack but his ability is lacklustre.
  17. Hope we'll get a new Battletome that puts all these external armies back together in one book, with reworked mechanics and such.
  18. FAQ and Designer's commentary live ! That settles it for our Battalions I guess.
  19. Haha what is happening ? Does anyone have the book in another language than English or French to share the page ?
  20. Uuuh no I'm fairly certain Kurdoss went to 160 and Reikenor didn't move this year. Found a pic from the GHB2020 in French, courtesy of Reddit: Otherwise I agree, I played Reikenor once, alongside the Lord Executioner with Sword of Judgement and Olynder and he was neat. I fumbled his magic of course as usual but he was great in CC.
  21. Don't the Hexwraiths and Kurdoss cost less ? 120 for Hexwraiths and 160 for Kurdoss now I reckon ? Congrats on your victory at any rate, was curious to know how Nighthaunts fared against OBR. Did you like the Spirit Hosts ? I have 9 as well (from when we could give the anti-monster Ulgu relic to the Lord Executioner) and while they're really tanky, their DPS was always super random for me.
  22. If they don't like limited releases being used in competitive games they can just make them available as downloads on the WHC site. It's probably just laziness because they don't want to take time to balance additional stuff.
  23. Then by that logic the Guardian of Souls with Mortality Glass is legal too ?
  24. Hey all, I had a look at the GHB2020 today and can confirm the leaks are true. Concerning any datasheets changes there's no such thing in the book for any factions, if there's some they'll be in PDF. So yeah that's all for us concerning point changes
  25. It's been a while since I've played, I had forgotten about those artefacts. Yeah I like the Pendant too, and the Tome too. I played with 3 artefacts usually, those 2 + Sword of Judgement. As you said yeah, the heroes carrying the artefacts are the problem. I wouldn't count on one of our generic Heroes to make me win if I didn't build all my list around it (like the Emperor Executioner variant that I love to hunt Heroes and Monsters). I'm not really lucky with my Magic phase and seeing the new armies that are doped on magic and dispelling it's not making me any more optimistic. I'm eager to see the actual GHB2020 to see if the leaks are indeed correct, and if we can still use the WD's Battalions. I believe we can and that they're just not written in the leaks (if they're genuine) because of printing delays.
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