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Does AoS Gaming Book include Meeting engagements rules?

Maxo Bug

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Hello, guys! 
I'm about to buy (online) the AoS Gaming book, since I don't have the core nor the general's handbook. The rules I'm most interested in are the Meeting Engagements rules, and I wanted to make sure that the "Matched play rules" section includes it.

Since I don't have access to any store selling it: can anybody please let me know?


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No, the Gaming Book has the following content from the following books.

  • Core rules (Corebook, PDF Download)
  • Rules For endless Spells (Corebook, Malign Sorcery)
  • Pitched Battle Rules (Generals Handbook 2019 without Erratas)
  • Pitched Battle Battleplans (Corebook, Generals Handbook 2018, Generals Handbook 2019)
  • Realm of Battle Rules (Corebook, Malign Sorcery)
  • Artefacts of the Realms (Malign Sorcery)
  • Grand Alliance Allegiance Abilities (Corebook)
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