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AOS2: Anvilgard Discussion


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Threads have sprung up for the other Cities of Sigmar so I thought it appropriate to start one for Anvilgard.

Having invested recently in a fair few Scourge Privateers minis I’m going Anvilgard (and am keen to add non-Corsair stuff soon) but, being relatively new to AoS I’m keen to hear the counsel of wiser, more experienced gamers.


How do we make Anvilgard work?

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I've been considering something oriented around the following set up for Anvilguard:

Sorcereress with with save '-' spell
Spell Portals
Large Darkshard Unit

Pretty straight forward idea of forcing through the save '-' spell, running Darkshards forward and getting past their rend '-'. Not sure how effective it would be but seems fun in concept. 

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5 minutes ago, Kaleun said:

I dont see the point, but maybe the mods do.

Generally speaking we've always had new threads for books once they came out (ala Beasts, Skaventide, Slaanesh, etc.). I just don't think there's a ton of 'good' information in the old thread at this point given how drastically different CoS is vs. Firestorm. 

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