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Hey guys,

I went to build some decks there last night and I am wondering whether I am assuming correctly.

So I currently only have the Shadespire box, Farstriders and now Beastgrave, I am filtering, saying that I have those and it is showing me a bunch of universals still from the shadespire core set. I am guessing those are ones still legal in championship, as I am guessing they were perhaps duplicated in Nightvault (haven't got the cards).

If not, is there a decent way of filtering this does anyone know? Or would I have to have a list of the cards I can't use.

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Yeah I think only like 5 universals from the Shadespire core set were actually rotated out. I think (but am not sure) that a lot of its universals were re-released when the 2 warbands from the core set were released as expansions for Nightvault so they're technically considered Nightvault-era; the vast majority of cards being rotated out are from the Shadespire warband expansions 

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