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  1. Yep when you Mark, those units act as if they have the Khorne keyword so things like the Bloodsecrator abilities will work on them
  2. You can go on the GW site and go to each unit's page and click on "Downloads" and the link for the warscrolls will be there
  3. On the Games Workshop site, go to the unit's page and go under "Downloads"
  4. Yeah the Protection and Favours only work on STD mortals now, no non-STD units which is a bummer.
  5. Very much not liking the Warshrine changes as someone who runs a bunch of StD in my Khorne army
  6. NZ preorders open, SC! description: 😬
  7. I think part of it was that this week seemed fairly heavy on preorders across all their ranges so maybe their focus was split.
  8. I’m not totally sure when the app updates but the updated warscrolls shouuuuuld be up on the website later today
  9. Theoretically that could just mean “models we’ve announced but aren’t released yet”
  10. Are we expecting warscroll changes? And if so, what time do those generally update on the NZ site?
  11. smartazjb0y

    15 New Warbands

    Haha I meant more like the AoS factions where the models already exist and it’s just the cards that they need to be played in Warcry.
  12. smartazjb0y

    15 New Warbands

    It seems the way going forward is to release new warbands with models, and cards throughout the year, and at the end of the year compile all of that into the annual tome. I kinda would've liked at least one new AoS warband in this year's tome, rather than it mostly being a compilation of all the past cards, but oh well.
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