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Legions of Chaos/ Darkoath battletome


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Right so i was convinced Darkoath were getting a  model release and battletome at some point. First the Herald, but they didn't come, then I gave up hope, but then the nightvault warband, and they're still not here! Now with warcry and  especially untamed  beasts & chaos beasties I don't think, nor do I think there need to be one now.

GW have shifted focus now to Legions of Nagash and Cities of Sigmar style books unless they're is a clear new model line now. Plus some battletomes have hardly anything in so it's I think we're unlikely to see battletomes consisting of only 5-10 kits now.

I'm  hopeful though there is a big StD/darkoath/everchosen book to combine old and new together.  

I think a small darkoath release of a mppk footsoldiers, a big beast with howdah, some monstrous cavalry or beast master unit and this would fit in nicely.  Couple all that with the warcry stuff and maybe an everchosen foot troop and i dont think anything really needs adding.  The warcry boxes are a bit limited but could release some splintered ****** elves or iron golem ogors or dwarves to add a bit of diversity.

What does everyone think?  I'm so intrigued with how they'll do all this, once something similar is done and maybe a skaven release chaos are in a very long term good place. Just need that tome!!

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I currently like the following theory : GW Disliked the Design (or the Communities feedback to it) and scrapped/reworked some of the Darkoath, which in the end leds us to a postponed battletome.

Another theory is: We simply are too eager on the release and GW hasn´t planned it for this year. We didn´t have any official teaser or announcements, just fan theories based on some vague release patterns we belive to understand. It may be that GW has some bigger plans for the future. We currently have a narrative running that started with Malign Portents, Climaxed with Soul Wars and a longer break and is now again with the Forbidden Power and the Tithe on another narrative updraft. It may be that the next part, or more that after this one, will be about Archaon coming back in big Style. It would make good sense, with Warcry´s background beeing the gathering of warriors to find worthy ones.

The simple answer is: We may assume that something will come, but we do not know when. There is no point currenly in getting angry about the topic as gw is already releasing models in a high pace. It simply was not out turn yet. The signs are good on exactly what you said, too: Combination of StD with Everchosen and fleshing out of the Darkoath tribes, as GW hinted this in some places (reorganizing f.e. the webshop, giving us Darkoath Tribe Lore and even a Warband for Shadespire while Darkoath and Tribes were no topic so far)

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