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A more balanced alternative to Path to Glory

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So I'm looking at putting together a campaign that growth and rewards element of Path to Glory, but being a bit more balanced. I'm looking at combining points, the new open war army generator, and regiments of renown. I'm still working out the details, but would like some feed back on my ideas for army advancement

So for armies, it'll operate partially like a typical escalation league where it goes up by 250 points each game(just points, no matched play restrictions for battleline, etc), but the twist will be that for every 250 points you'll roll on the new unit draft generator in the 2019 GHB 3 times, You'll be able to use any of the unit rolls for whatever you have the points for. If you have one unit that used all the points, you can use one unit roll and bank the rest. Between games you'll also be able to reorg your army based on the unit rolls and the points you have. Once you use a unit type for a specific unit it's locked in, but until then you can decide later what it'll be. Basically the units you have are what's available, but you have to fit them in to points you have, which I guess is sort of like your supply available. When you win a battle, you'll get two things. One will be an extra roll on the unit type table(i.e. 4 instead of 3 so you have more army composition options) and you'll get to pick a unit to roll on the regiments of renown table(I've considered additional artifacts and additional spells as options too). A twist will be that if a unit is destroyed in a battle, afterwards you'll have to roll for it and on a 1 (or maybe 1 or 2), that unit is destroyed along with any upgrades, so that would be a reason to maybe save your army composition resources since you won't lose the points for that unit just the unit type.

That's really just the army composition part. It's going to be a map based campaign overall. Some territories will be have a set type of battle such a fortress present will mean the a siege scenario with  the owner being the defender(or a roll off if it's not owned by either) and some will be preset for realm rules. For instance it'll be set in the realm of Ghur, so one territory at least is going to be the roaming beasts option(or what ever it's called) but it'll be specifically two giants since it's an area with lots of giants. Others will be basic areas where we'll roll for scenario and the realm rules table. Also the the possible artifacts as rewards will probably be rolling on the realm of Ghur artifacts only. I might also restrict the Ghur spells as rewards only rather than every wizard in the realm knows them. I think that'll keep the balance of artifacts and spells in check a bit rather than faction spells and artifacts.


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