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Making my Dark Elves 8th Army legal for AoS Matched Play


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When Aos dropped last year the paint had just finished drying on the last model of a 2000pt Dark Elf Army I had been putting together. After 48 hours of confusion and disappointment I ordered the starter set and embraced AoS. Now I have the Generals handbook I have returned to the Dark Elves and it is no longer legal for matched play - it was Karond Kar themed with Corsairs and Lokhir Fellheart, and Corsairs are only battle line with Scourge Privateers. So here is what I have got and what I need to add and what I need to get rid of, for a fun competetive list. I'll bracket the needs and get rids. Any alternative suggestions would be welcome. 

Dread Lord on Black Dragon (need)

Dread Lord on foot (get rid)

Lokhir Fellheart


10 Dark Shards

10 Dark Shards

10 Dark Shards (need)

30 Corsairs 

10 Drakespawn Knights

1 War Hydra

1 Kharibdyss

1 Scourge Runner Chariot

5 Doomfire Warlocks (get rid)

So if I get rid of the Warlocks and Dread Lord on foot (his abilities relate to the now reduntent exiles keyword) and add 10 more Dark Shards - to fill that last battle line slot - and add Dreadlord on Black Dragon I will have 1960 pt matched play army. Alternative suggestions welcome.

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Hi just found this post. I'm also (re)forming my DE. 

Personally been really surprised by how good the Dreadspears have become. They claim objectives and hold them, shield my elites (executioners) and are cheap but still good enough to engage other armies battleline units. 

And to be honest I've been a bit disappointed by the corsairs. :(

Dreadlords ability is quite annoying but combined with the reaper bolt thrower its amazing. Otherwise it only affects, shades.... and himself.

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