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Keyword missing?



Hello there!

I'd like to ask a question due to keywords according the Blades of Khorne and Beasts of Chaos.

On the warscrolls of Blades of Khorne units are keywords like "mortal" & "demon".
The Beasts of Chaos do have the "demon" keyword, too.

If a unit doesn't have none of those keywords, is it then concidered "mortal"?
I am asking, because the Beasts do have a battalion, that is called "Brass Despoilers", that grants several units the "Khorne" keyword. If then the keywords would just be restricted to "demon", or nothing, this Battalion would be kind of redundant.

Maybe you could help me there.

Thank you already!

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Does that then mean, that it is determined to the actual abilities on the warscroll itself?

A hero, that buffs "Khorne" actually buffs all Khorne, whether demon or anythin. If that is restricted to "Khorne demon" it will only buff those, with the actual "demon" keyword, right?

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If the battalion doesn’t specifically say which type of unit (daemon/mortals) is being granted the Khorne keyword then it should grant it to all units in the battalion.

And no if a unit doesn’t say if it is daemon or mortal then it neither and cannot benefit from anything that gives those keywords a boost.

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