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Weirdnob shaman power of the waaargh ability


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Just reading through the scrolls again and noticed that the weirdnobs PotW ability say you get +1/+2 to the cast if there is 10/20 orruks close by and then if a double you do the d3 mortal wounds (we all know this of course) 


If you are not close to at least 10 orruks then this ability doesn't trigger so would that mean you do not do the d3 mortal wounds if you roll a double to cast? 

Might make him a little more easier to stomach as a mystic shield buffer out of the way of the main army (at least initially) 

thoughts ?

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Hey Kieran,

Yeh to be honest I always used to play it that any double always puts D3 mortal wounds on the closest unit, but I think I was incorrect. I saw someone else mention this on the forum and after a reread of the scroll do agree that if you're not in range to get the buff to cast, you also don't do any wounds on a double. It's certainly not definitive though.

Regardless, I don't like the thing and have dropped it. Better options for 120pts IMO.

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