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Help With Competitive Blades of Khorne List


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Hey everyone,

New player to AoS here (coming from 40k). I'm getting into Khorne with their new tome update. I'm needing some help with what is looking to be a good competitive list considering the changes in the new book. I currently own a unit of Bloodletters and a Daemon Prince with Wings and Sword. I know about the essential Bloodsecrator/Slaughterpriest package that almost every army needs. But could someone help me figure out what would a be a good competitive starting point or both a 1K and 2K list? I don't have any preferences really on what I run other than I dont want to just spam the ****** out of Bloodletters and Bloodreavers and have 100 battle line models. Units I do like though are any thing Daemon, Khorgoraths, Bloodcrushers/Skullcrushers, Warmongers, Blood Warriors.


Thanks for any help!

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Its kinda hard to start from scratch cuz there is several ways to play the army and nobody seems very sure what is going to prevail as the best competitively as the new book brought some sweeping changes that have shooken the norm up a lot.

So yeah cant go wrong with Secrator & Priest. The Priest are the real backbone now so at least 2 of those guys, the altar terrain piece, and Judgments are a good starting point.

If you plan on running some mortals Blood Warriors + Blood Stoker is a good combo with Goretide. If you want to focus more on deamons than Karnak + Flesh Hounds seems solid.

Blood Thirster of Rage seems like the best of big deamons but if you perfer mortals the Chaos Warshrine is a good choice and i have had good runs with the Slaughterbrute (he is pointed well). But yeah your probably gonna want a behemoth or 2 to have something that moves fast and can be punchy. Alternatively you can go Skull Crushers and Lord on Juggernaut but they make a better tarpit than anything else.

Korgoraths are tricky but if thats your thing than it is doable. They make good anvils in small units (even just one), for holding back small units or intercepting chaff. In larger units their down right scarey but only 1 monopose model so might have to get creative there.

Skull Reapers do most of the heavy lifting. They chew thru hordes. You can fish for mortal wounds against that hard to kill stuff. Wrathmongers are the Reapers best friends and are just an all around good support unit not only because they are a cheap force multiplier but because their not bad in a fight on their own either.

So i guess i would start off small and feel it out as you go because as of right now nobody is going to be able to twll you with absolute certainty what version of the army will be hands down best. Play what you think is fun and find out what works best for you because this is how you're gonna get good using the army.

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