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Roll first, complete later? Runs and charges.



As far as I can tell nothing in the core rules states you can't roll all your runs before deciding if and how to move. So for example seeing how far my unit of thralls will run and then doing the same for my eels, then moving both in the order I choose. 

Or for charges roll each unit, then decide which ones will charge and move them in order. 

Obviously this would be very beneficial for positioning. 



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You have to roll for and move each unit individually.

Movement the first paragraph of the movement phase:

“On your movement phase choose a unit to move and move every model in that unit you wish to before choosing the next one”


Running: “When you pick a unit to make a normal move you may declare it will run, roll a die and add that number to the units movement characteristic”


Being able to do it the other way would be very beneficial for many armies but it takes away the randomness of the roll and makes certain armies gain too much a benefit of staying together in formation versus the risk of losing your buff because your general didn’t catch their breath to keep up with the vanguard charging down the field.

And for charging:

Pick an eligible unit for a charge attempt and roll 2d6 that is the amount of inches the unit can charge...

...Once all models in a unit have made their charge move, you can pick another eligible unit to make a charge attempt.

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