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Packing Models for long distance move?


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A few thoughts

1) Pack everything up into boxes before they arrive and put them in some kind of order if possible - eg heavy boxes of tough stuff like books nearer the door (for the bottom of the packing) whilst lighter/fragile stuff clearly kept separate for going on top. This also speeds things up and makes them a lot easier on the day which makes things less stressful and hectic - that means less chance of mistakes

2) Double mark everything - this means you know what's in each box AND you put a note on it if its fragile - the last thing you want is a box of minis winding up under a heavy box of cookery stuff. 

3) For models if you have carry cases then pack what you can up in them - you already know they should be safe for overland travel at the least. If your stuff is going by air and will be removed from the shipping lorry to be loaded into aircraft then chances are you want to protect it a bit more.

4) Foam and layers, don't let models touch each other when packed; ensure the box is packed so that there are no gaps in it - that would allow movement. So keep it nearly packed with foam/packing peanuts/airbag/whatever. 

5) Mark it - make sure its taped down tight so that the lid doesn't come off and use good quality boxes. 

6) IF you have any especially large/fragile models consider packing them into your car instead of the shipping lorry. 

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