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Tournament Rules Kill Point



Hi all. Me and my friends are making a campaign. For the draw in the ranking (for exemple if 2 of us won the same number of games) we are looking at kill point taken during the games following the tournament rules. 

The question is, for warscroll battalion points, what i have to do to take them? Killing all the units of the battalion will allow me to have the battalion point value too? 

And for endless spell instead?

I looked for the tournament rules but i didn't find an answer

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Probably not going to find anything about kill points in anything official since AFAIK Games Workshop hasn’t made anything to support killpoint tiebreakers yet. It’s basically left to the individual Tournament Officials to make their own rulings. 

For most it makes sense to give battalion points if the entire battalion is wiped off the field.

Endless spells could either be a loss that can’t be taken or points given when there are no models left that can cast it and removed from the field.

then of course there is the issues of people bringing under pointed armies. 1850 for lot of command points to spend.

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We usually use kill points as tie breaker that way:

Fully destroyed units give you their cost in kill points

Battalions where every single unit has been wiped give you it's cost in kill points

Tabling your opponent gives you full amount of kill points that the battle has been faught, so for 2000 points game its 2000 kill points for tabling, even if your opponent brought leader, 3 min size BLs and a giant pile of CPs

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