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  1. Still do not know what i will bring, but i have: 60 chainrasp (my friend can give me some more for that day) 48 reaper 20 revenants 20 stalkers 12 spirit host 12 myrmourn banshe 2 chainghast Then i got almost every hero, some of them more then 1 (spirit torment x3 and guardian of soul x2) Nope, i'm in italy, i'm sorry. Anyway i love lady olinder and i find her magic pretty cool, but i never saw the banshee in action (i just bought all my army to one of my friends that was selling it and i played it like one time)
  2. Hey guy, what do you think it's better? 20 revenants or 30 reaper? I have a tournent sunday and i'm tryng to make a list but still do not know what to do...
  3. I have to admit, i hope they will change the wood system. Sylvaneth are my firat and real love in this game, but in the last time i stopped using them and start playng just my other army becouse i don't like anymore the "wood strategy". I mean, it's strong and all but it start to be too much tricky to play around it as amain strategy. To a tournament i went the tables were almost full and i do not have the space to drop more then 2 woods. And then that rules of the trees in the wood... Just making too tricky... I hope they will make it a "2.0 terrain" like for the newest army. Also, making tree revenants and spite revenants usefull would be good, for now they are like "i take them if i need them for battalion" and stop
  4. Hi guys, sorry for the question but how do you bring the miniature around? I have a tournament in 2 week and i willbring nighthaunt, but i do not know how to move them without them to be damaged. On internet i did not find nothing that seems safe enough, apart from feldherr but those are really expensive and i'm not sure that those are enough safe for nighhaunt.
  5. Just being suggested from a friend but really is not that hard. Just the one with doomflayer gauntlet or shock gaintlet it's a bit hard becouse of how the arms are made, for them i had too use green stuff (cut away the little plastic part in the arm and fill it with green stuff)
  6. The best option is magnetize them, it seems hard to do but it's not. I just did it with 6 of them
  7. Hi all. Me and my friends are making a campaign. For the draw in the ranking (for exemple if 2 of us won the same number of games) we are looking at kill point taken during the games following the tournament rules. The question is, for warscroll battalion points, what i have to do to take them? Killing all the units of the battalion will allow me to have the battalion point value too? And for endless spell instead? I looked for the tournament rules but i didn't find an answer
  8. So even if i would have killed everything he had on the fields i would not have taken the point of battalion and endless spell? I don't mean the battalion rules for counting them, it's like in a tournament, when 2 people won everygame you count kill points to see who take the first place. I think i should check the tournament rules
  9. Nono, i won the game, but it was for a campaign and kill point are always important. My enemy was a seraphon (and summoned a lot) but he also have a battalion and i killed every unit of it, the only thing remaining to him from the original list was a slann and the cogs. We were talking about the points of the battalion (a shadowstrike), as i said i taked everything from it (2x40 skink, star priest and ripperdactyl), so i think i should also count the 180 pointa of the battalion are taken.
  10. Sorry i was talking about kill points, i just finished a 4 hours game at 3 am 😂
  11. Hi guys, an important question on the rules. How do you count kill points? Like, for a warscroll battalion for exemple, to take the point of it i have to kill all the army or just the unite that belongs to the battalion? And for endless spell? I tryed to look for it at the rules but i can't find it.
  12. Guys i'm going to play a 1500 pt game for the campaign we are doing against a seraphon army in the "battle for the pass" battleplan. I was thinking at this list Verminlord warpseer Arch warlock 6x stormfiends (2 ratlings, 2 windlauncher, 2 gauntlet) 40 clan rats 20 clan rats 40 monks What do you think? My collection is pretty big (mostly skryre and pestilens) what should i add? I think my enemy will bring 3 or 4 razordonts (that scary me) and most probably a slann. Any suggestion?
  13. Hey guys, i started converting some jezzails from clan rats and kroot sniper, what do you think? Shield are made in cork (later i will add some details to them with green stuff), still looking for a better option tho.
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