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Stormcast List Advice


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Afternoon All


Took the plunge and went Stormcast heavy after a trade of my Tzeentch


Looking for some list ideas I have plenty options, im quite a Thematic player but like to have a “power unit” or to in a list but any advice and help appreciated


Heres what I have



Celestant Prime

Knight Venator

Lord Castellant (still to convert)

Knight Azyros (still to convert)

Lod Aquilor

Lord Arcanum on Gryph Charger

Lord Celestant on Dracoth

Knight Incantor

2 x Knight Zephyros

Lord Celestant

Lord Relictor

Knight Heraldor





10 x Judicators

10 x Liberators

9 x Aetherwings

3 x Castigators

15 x Evocators

25 x Sequitors

25 x Vanguard Hunters

6 x Vanguard Palladors

6 x Vanguard Raptors – Longstrike Crossbows

3 x Vanguard Raptors – Hurricane Crossbows

5 x Retributors

4 x Dracothian Guard – Can build whatever

Planning on running as Astral Templars or Celestial Warbringers because I love the colours schemes or can run as whatever really 

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sequitors and evocators are very popular nowadays. You have a lot, that's good thing. vanguard raptors and dracothian guard are also good units. 

Hence, you have enough model to build a competitive list already.

A combo for Astral Templars is 20 sequitors+heraldor+lord castellent, so the fully buffed sequitor blob can move 6"(stormhost)+5"(move)+6"(run)+7"(average charge)=24", so theoretically, you can send you powerful buffed sequitors blob to hit your opponent in just one turn. 

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