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How do you transport your gaming accessories?


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I've recently gotten back into skaven after years playing different armies and I've gone all in on the accessories - skaven dice, warscroll cards, tokens. Does anyone have any suggestions for some cool boxes, transport ideas etc that aren't too bulky but will fit everything? 


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I've used the KR Multicase and it works well for holding dice and a bunch of tokens. If you can get one of the old TW dice boxes off ebay or second hand you can fit one of them inside too (which is great for putting a selection of tokens/dice/smaller things inside). You can also use it as a dice tray to roll into once you're at the game. I've got a review and some photos here https://warminiatures.wordpress.com/2018/08/01/kr-multicase-review/

Warscroll cards ideally need their own holder, they get a bit bulky for a whole army, esp with their size. Plus you want them semi-protected not bashing around with the dice. 


Note they do sell it on the KR website/amazon with its own tape measure and dice. The tape measure they sell it with is a nice "flat" one; whilst your more chunky builders or hobby store measure can be a bit thick. 

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