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Those Easy Glories


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With Extreme Flank gone from the game, what are people's go-to Objectives for easy glory?

The perspective I'm coming from is principally Aggro decks that need some juice to get the Upgrades flowing, or to give the goobers something to do in top-heavy warbands.

These can be Universal or Faction Specific!  Let's compile a useful list together.

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A couple I like to use are:


Keep Them Guessing, 2*

Quite an easy 2-Glory card to score for many warbands even in the normal course of business.  Putting a fighter on Guard is rarely a waste, and of course combos well with Charging out of it to score Change of Tactics (see below).

Mollog can score this one on his own!  Zarbag's Gits have ways to score 2 of these with a single activation, and Magore's Fiends can do an Attack action without even activating.

Perhaps surprsingly, not even Restricted.

Change of Tactics (Restricted), 1*

Does depend on getting in Charge range (things like Hidden Pathways can of course help with that), but otherwise, completely within your control to score.  Nice.

Fired Up (Restricted). 1*

Get a Glory just for having at least one inspired Fighter.  Obviously your mileage may vary depending on how easy your Fighters are to inspire!  Very achievable for most Warbands though.

Well Guarded / Unboken Wall, Both 1*

The first requires your leader to be flanked by at least 2 friendly fighters.  Quite achievable and for example if you are pushing towards your opponent, you do at least have likely supports in the event of a counter charge.

The second is slightly harder, requiring all surviving fighters (3 or more) to be adjacent another friendly fighter.  Achievable if your Leader is dead, but generally harder, especially for horde Warbands.  Worth a mention if you wanted to double up and take both.  

Faction Specific

Mad Scurry (Zarbag's Gits), 2*

Two Glory just for making a Move with 5 fighters - not hard with Scurry!  Also Drizgit can do his Warscroll action to make a Move for himself and 2 Squigs - that's 3 moves towards Mad Scurry, and 2 actions towards Keep Them Guessing, with a single Activation!

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You mentioned Fired Up but not Shining Example. Madness!

In all seriousness, Shining Example is the only other pretty safe options that springs to mind. There are other options but they feel more dependent on your deck composition and warband. Some examples:

  • Alone In The Darkness (aka the original Extreme Flank. Tougher to score nowadays without great concussion, but not impossible)
  • Cover Ground (movement ploys, fast fighters, and spectral wings all make this one way more reasonable)
  • Master of War (if you draw badly and are also going to have a bloodless turn 1, this might be tough)
  • Get Thee Hence (Particularly for uninspired Knockback 1 fighters with good attack profiles, such as Ammis or Zarkus)
  • What Armor? (Particularly for the uninspired Cleave fighters with good attack profiles, such as Magore or Rastus)



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