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Slaves To Darkness Mark of the all favored and more!


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Hi folks.

I start a new army of Slaves to darkness. I have some questions..


1º  Mark of the all -favored   This item give u the 4 gods  Slaves to darkness traits?  (rerolls  hit 1 khorne, rerolls 1 wound nurgle..)

2º Mark of the all  favored   This item in  Chaos lord in manticore gives the    4 gods  traits of his warscroll??    (save 3, regroup 6...)

3• how works with the Lord of chaos  aided by the gods?

thanks ! 

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22 minutes ago, Skreech Verminking said:

the mark of the all favored gives him the opportunity to get and give of all the allegiance ability buffs.

He’s warscroll rules will sadly not be apart of it.

Then this items is for Chaos foot lord imagine, the lord manticore is worst.

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