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I need counsel about Beasts of chaos


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I've been thinking about building myself a beast of chaos army but I have some doubts (kinda new to AoS). So if it's not too much to ask can you please answer these questions.

1- Is the SC a good way to start?

2-Using the primodrial call ability costs points?

3-Does the Propagator of Devolution ability from gavespwan costs points?

4- I'm more of a rush horde type of person, are beasts of chaos they way to go, or should I try other army?

I was thinking of going strong with brayherd and some monster support but I don't really know wich infantry or monster are competent. So if you have any recomendations I'd love to hear them

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1. Yes the start collecting box is a great way in starting a boc armie.

2.no summoning doesn’t cost points anymore. In the. new edition it is totally free to summon units onto the board.

3.propagation of Devolution is a command ability, for which you’d have to spend a commandpoint if wanted to use.

4. Yes boc are a rush horde armie.

Although you also have the possibility of fielding a fully elite armie consisting out of heavy hitting units like bullgors and dragon ogors, etc.

Edit: Bestigors are a great unit right now.

they can deal out a lot of damage and are battleline if your warlord is either a beastlord or bray shaman. They are also very cheap in points which means that throwing them like trash I in the enemy face will literally mean nothing to you. a good and cheap objective holding unit would be Ungors.

if you love Gors, I sadly have to tell you that they aren’t well really competitive right now.

But can profit you with another cheap horde unit which could protect your flanks and such.

although ungors are better at the job

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7 minutes ago, belphegor said:


Also I made a mistake I was referring to Gift of Morghur, then again that was answered in number two I guess.

Another question, wich is the safest option between ghorgon and cygor?

Well I’m using the Ghorgon right now.

the reason is simple although he has no range weapons like the cygor he will annihilate most foes who dared challenge him in combat (as long as he attacks first of course)

cygor isn’t bad either but ones stuck in combat and your wizard sniping 180p monster is done for.

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I'd reason that Gors have some edge over Ungors in certain situations. Sacrifice your Ungors as screens to protect your Shamans or sacrifice them to Herdstones, but Gors have a 4+ save in melee with shields, making them quite the effective objective holder unless your opponent is rocking lots of long ranged missiles or MW spam. Gors aren't useless, they just aren't the best. They are a 6/10 to a Ungor's 8/10 in terms of chaff units.

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8 minutes ago, belphegor said:

And what about unit sizes? Should I go with a lot of minimum units or how many is a good number per unit


And wich unit should I have as a "mulligan" of sorts for summoning?

Always use Ungors for summoning fodder, they are just the cheapest option for what you want. And it depends. Bestigors like squads of 10, while Gors prefer full 30 squads.

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14 hours ago, belphegor said:

Thanks guys this helped with the decision of going with beasts.


So I were to start with 2 SC  and a herdstone what would you recomend as the next step? I'm guessing some gors would be in order


 I'd also try to get a Beastlord, since the SC wont give you that. Chariots are also pretty good. I would give Centigors a pass, they aren't worth buying, especially at their ridiculous dollar cost. Finally, maybe look into Dragon Ogors? They are a good heavy option.

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