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The Rise of a Free City - A Tale of Many Warlords

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Ahem. I have been waiting for this project to officially kick off for a while. I have organized a Tale of Many Warlords event at my LGS. It will continue over the course of 7 months and end in a fully based and painted 2,000 point army! 

The general rules are: You need before and after photos of all the models you build and paint. So, 1 for on sprue/bits, 1 for built, 1 for primed, 1 for painted. We start with 500 points for the first month, and then 250 additional points each month after that. In addition, there will be judges of Lore written and monthly events to help really break in everyone army and army idea.

It took me FOREVER to settle on a project. Ironically, I gave up on deciding and fell back on my backup: The Sacrosanct Stormcast I had left over from a Soul Wars trade. I also snagged a Vanguard Chamber Start Collecting, Neave Blacktalon, the Get Started Knight Incantor, 10 Liberators, and a Lord Castallent. So I am all set for plenty of Stormcast! For my first picture of the initial chunk, here is TWO Stormcast sprue from Soul Wars:


I will be building the first chunk of that tonight.

My 500 point list for January will be:

Lord Arcanum on Gryph Charger
5 Sequitors (all Grandmaced out)
5 Liberators (slightly less Grandmaced out)
An endless spell...probably the Pendulum or Geminids


Tales for the Future

These Stormcast will be the foundation of my expanded Free City concept that has been brewing since Firestorm. This is a dangerous slope as it basically allows me to add any Order model I fancy, and boy are there a lot of them. The names, inhabitants, and background to this growing Free City will slowly grow with the models in this thread. A few ideas that I have solidified:

 - I have a Freeguild Merc Company from Azyr. Their journey through a few different Path to Glory events will end as the newcomers to the Free City. Expect a few story bits from those characters.
 - The Stormcast will be predominantly Sacrosanct with some Vanguard aid. Seems obvious, but this WILL play off to their story. Themes of Gryph focus, seers and hunters tag team. They will act as a kind of arbitrator and guardian of the citizens.
 - I need Duardin in my life. No idea how that will end up. 
 - Free City is leaning heavily towards being in Hysh. Lots of Magic and Mystery.
 - The City will be governed by a group of Wizards. Will give me an opportunity to flesh out my Collegiate Arcane. Perhaps parts of the army/city themed around each Realm with a governing Wizard behind each one. This will grow as I work with the ideas more.

WHEW! Ok, thank all of you who are still with me! I will be keeping this thing on as rapid fire as I can manage. This will be quite the project! Wish me luck.

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Ahem. Hello again. So, I did mention this blog was for the long haul. January was quite a crazy month. Lots of little non-hobby details, won't bore you with. I did get work done, though! Scraping under the wire, I got my 500 points settled. Just put the finishing touches on the last few dudes.

So, a bit of catch up.

Here we have the Lord Arcanum on Gryph Charge and 5 Sequitors all built and ready for painting!

Next we have my proposed 500 point list primed and ready to go!
Lord Arcanum on Gryph Charger
5 Sequitors
5 Liberators
Geminids of Uhl-Ghysh


Yes, I know, horrible pictures. Gonna work on getting a light box soon. BUT, my local shop has a bit better lighting, so now that I have everything painted...


Ta da! 500 points of painted Stormcast (and accompanying Endless spells)


Close up of Arctirus Calendul, my Lord Arcanum on Gryph Charger. He leads my Sacrosanct in their charge of protecting Hysh and all of her relics and secrets...


The first of many Sequistors. The plan is to grow this squad up to a big block of 20 to hold the line!


Some more...classic Stormcast to shore up my numbers. They were a bonus from my Hammerhal box, so might as well use them.


And finally, the Geminids! My Free City will hail from Hysh (it's official!) so figured these were a good, solid endless spell to start with. Expect a lot of Endless spells for this army in the future. 

Whew! Literally hours before the end of the month and the first month is finished! The first tournament is this Saturday, I will come with summaries of the tournament and a heaping of more lore at that time. Till next time!

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