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How does the Shaman-Arachnarok work in regards to Artefacts and traits.



Ok then. 

The Arachnarock warscroll is one of GWs older ones and still has alot of the weird jankiness. The biggest issue afaik is that the hero upgrade that turns the whole unit into a hero lacks an attack for said hero. It leads to some awkwardness as to whether the whole unit (spider/shaman/dudes) is now a hero (in which case a singular buff effects everything) or whether the Shaman himself is the hero in which case there's suddenly lots of useless artifacts and traits since the hero has no attacks and any buffs for those cannot work.

The mount (big spider) has attacks as does the various dudes on the howdah.

For example -

Sunderblade -  Its a  magic weapon, thus it should replace an ordinary weapon.  The Shaman doesn't have a weapon though since ge had no attacks yet the Spider and the dudes do.

Destruction Trait Might makes right - you gain +1 to hit on all attacks. The trait is for the hero whom has no attacks, yet the spider and dudes do. Who gets the buff

Battlebrew - Another one in the 'who gets the buff' category.

Essentially any kind of buff or effect involving close combat becomes confusing since its not been clarified how the Arachnarok works in regards to mount/hero thing at least as far as I can tell.

I feel GW could avoid this easily by giving the Shaman an attack but as is its confusing.





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In Azyr the Arachnarok is listed as a single model it does not say anything about the goblins riding him so I think it is safely argued that in this case the grots are the mount not the spider.  This will be fixed either way very soon with the Moonclan book coming out next couple of months.

in fact the grots are listed under an ability not as a part of the model normally.

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