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    Las Vegas Open 2017 Results + Lists

    heheheh khornecopia 10/10
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    Are these the same FEC used in the tabletopmini's batrep? Either way, I love the bases so stunning.
  3. I was (and still am... at least a little) probably what could be referred to as a 'cheesy player', I like winning and in competitive games I love nothing else than to make a really ridiculous combination. that has probably earned me a reputation in some games that I'd prefer not to have, nevertheless when aos first came out I was skeptical I feared other people would abuse this freedom as I imagined myself doing. After playing Warhammer fantasy I was used to the strong competitive lists of other players. But as I played something occurred to me not only was i enjoying aos but I actually preferred it to Warhammer fantasy, I had always played to beat my opponent to prove myself a better list builder and tactician (probably not the healthiest thing for one's ego XD) but in age of Sigmar an aspect of this was taken away and in that void grew a desire to see cool scenarios and to tell a story (much more enjoyable for both players i find). But when matched play came out something in my head must of clicked, I defaulted back to just trying to win which has left me not enjoying aos as much. I don't want matched play to disappear like wayniac said, I just don't think it should be the default. it is especially unfortunate when considering the fact that things like narrative play came out in the same book.