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Is a roll involving defence dice considered a defence roll?


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Sounds obvious but couldn't find an exact definition nor did I find anything on cursory search. This is question is asked particularly because of the interaction of Champion's Fortitude with Rebound and Soultrap.

(I.e Can I reroll the defence die/roll on Rebound? <- Obviously if I ask this first. People going to say no. hah.)


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My point of view is no. A roll is a defence roll if you are defending, from a magical or normal attack (opposed to attack). 

Because if you apply the thinking of using a defence dice, makes it a defence roll then what about rolling for priorities, since you can use any dice for these, why aren't these defense rolls as well. 

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33 minutes ago, BaldoBeardo said:

No, it's just that they tend to use attack dice  for ploys that affect your opponent, and defence dice for ploys that affect you.

You're not making a defence roll, as you're not going up against an attack roll.

Would love to see some references. The shadespire combat section doesn't mention 'attack roll' or 'defence roll'

This seems to be the argument in my FLGS on the basis that 'attack roll' is synonymous to 'Attack Action rolls' and vice versa seen and used interchangeably in the cards but it's normally paired with when/during 'Attack Action'. But it's not convincing enough in my opinion as it's just implied at the moment. 

EDIT: Found it the Nightvault Glossary. 

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