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  1. My local tournaments also allowed players bringing terrain in aos 1. There's a certain guideline to it but everyone that have, will bring advantageous terrain with them. Namely the Occulum back then. Congratz to Ben. Pretty surprising list too.
  2. Qaz

    Tzeentch and endless spells

    I foresee more powerful endless spells on the horizon.
  3. Qaz

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    Today, I learnt that the Cauldrons get lookout sir. Tell me that we were missing something somewhere, please?
  4. Qaz

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    Seems like it. Generating up to 6 fate point with chromatic cogs sound pretty good.
  5. Qaz

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    Huh? How does Mark of conjurer works with the Lord of Change?
  6. When seeing the model the first time: 1. That looks cool 2. Does wallet approve When trying to play said model: 1. Does wallet approve 2. Does model look cool 3. Does it play well with said model
  7. Qaz

    Buying Command Points

    Yes but easier access to artefacts can double down on strengths or cover weaknesses. Or it becomes like 40k with 2-5 different relics on powerful units (knights, custodes, IG) You bring a good point about item internal balance. However I rather see still restricted behind battalions. If realm artefacts are priced, allegiance ones should too. Therefore my suggestion would be, one artefact allowed for having an allegiance (but pay necessary points) and for each battalion, you can buy another artefact. If GW were to go down this way, it'll slowly become 'Warhammer Fantasy'
  8. Qaz

    Buying Command Points

    I rather not have artefacts be bought, then you'll see "Lens" and "spellmirrors" also every game since it's more access able and relatively cost to include is 'cheaper' (not trying to fit a battalion). Let's people optimize even more On the command point issue, although it is seemingly an 'abuse' situation. I don't think it's breaking the game or making the game not fun to play. The Anvils of Heldenhammer 12 longstrike list for example, would not do well against 1) a board with trees (line of sight blocking terrain); 2) Another list that beta-strike the longstrike for less (E.g 2 celestor ballistae); 3) Idoneth Deepkin At least not as bad as seraphon 4 engines list. That I can't figure a way to fight it. Unfortunately, 'ally in' is part of the balance. Think of all the duardin races depending on the Stormcast wizards.
  9. Qaz

    Your Collection/armies

    Never played fantasy but had some models back then, sold off 90% of skaven and O&G. Started AoS when KO came out and my collection blossomed at an exponential rate. Hence around 50% of the models are not painted. Generally I buy things because I like the models, and ocassionally because it's core to the list I'm trying to pull (spawns/magister/Lord Ordinator). Now that I listed what I have, I realize I should stop buying and finish painting at least one other army!.
  10. Qaz

    6 Nations take aways

    If you ever get out of balewind dispel loop.
  11. Qaz

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    I'm gonna say oversight. Let's shoot a question to GW and in the meantime, pretend it says UNITS.
  12. Qaz

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Umm. Technically Endless model count "as a friendly model by all armies for any other rules purposes" (pg 53 Malign Sorcery). So if anything, the Celestian Vortex does no damage at all since it is everyone's friend and has no enemies.
  13. Qaz

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    He forgot to mention that only one unit has 5+/5++/5+++ and the -1 to hit is for shooting only. But unfortunately, killing the Hag usually require rather disproportionate resource and there's usually more than 1. (They are only 60 pts afterall)
  14. Qaz

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    You can, just put your general (Anvils of heldenhammer) behind the line of sequitor since he's force to take the -1 Bravery command trait. Then the witches only do 15 dmg.
  15. Qaz

    6 Nations take aways

    ... And trapped in the infinite loop of being slain and taking D6 mortal wounds... And yet not being unable to place.