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  1. No idea. They went back to Nagash . There's an influx of Slaneesh (and Ironjaws) armies though but despite the powerful summoning, not doing so great.
  2. FEC practically dropped out of the face of earth locally for me. WLV now has to be casted within unbind range to be effective.... Not so sure, it seems like Fyreslayers is the power faction here. Yet, they only place well, not win tournaments overwhelmingly.
  3. Well... they won't be able to do everything now considering you can only buy 1 cp and they would be inclined to spend 1-2 CP in their first turn for summoning. Hence gristlegores will only have 1 CP each round to strike again. So yes, something will double strike you and murder a unit, with proper deployment and screening, hopefully it's a throwaway unit, not your key unit.
  4. Dunno man. My Fyreslayers doesn't feel right at <70 models. Too elite. A real army would be one at around 100. And a horde is one at 120+ models . That being said, my local is being dominated by Fyreslayers, DoK and FEC, none are actually over 70 models. Hardly a horde meta. Although it'll be nice if your 'size' contributes to controlling objectives but I'll would classify things differently: Monsters = 10 models, Monstrous Infantry = 3 models
  5. all their key characters went up 20-40 pts and plague monks too. The common build went up by ~10%, effectively losing 20+ clanrats.
  6. Dunno, man. The Castellan knight was powerful when it's a Mechanicus-Knight + House Raven + Ion Bulwark + Cawls Wrath, not so scary when it's a House Cadmus... Yet, it got a 100 point increase in the last 40k FAQ. I do hope however that it's an errata for FEC and DoK since I find them mostly fair outside their 'best' subfactions (except for the 60 point Hag) but then that'll probably be in July and not in the GHB2019. Kharadron Overlord mercenaries, maybe? anyone?
  7. I'd will be surprise if they can still take mount traits, gristlegore court... that made FEC so strong. Now the question, how much of your army can be made out of mercenaries. On another note, I can make a Lethisian Defenders army. My (bad) habit of collecting random miniatures have been rewarded.
  8. acrobatic murder elves 😧 On another note, most of the new battletomes can fight DoK pretty well I found. They aren't overpowering the DoK but are very close in terms of "power level" to the DoK so I reckon they use DoK as the benchmark power level.
  9. Or change dagger melee range to 0.5". I mean they are daggers, why would daggers have the same reach as a longsword. :v
  10. Shadespire is also a good gateway. All the new converts.. I mean, players our local shop have played shadespire first.
  11. And from us, the players that dabble in both 40k and AoS, increasing the allies allowance brings more of a negative experience in a competitive environment due to 'min-maxing'. On another note, as AoS matures I'm hoping to see 'Mixed' or full blown 'City' Allegiances. For example, 'Tempest's Eye' have KO, dispossessed and freeguild in their roster and some synergy between them. I believe this might be what OP wants to see and I wouldn't be surprised if I'd show up in one of future campaign books. I rather GW introduce 'controlled' alliances into AoS then open the door to the community.
  12. I had a game with a lofnir list against death (arkhan) over the weekend with a little bit of everything aurics, hearthguards and vulkites. I was pleasantly surprised how efficient the double axes vulkites are. I had 2 10 man who both were charged by reapers at the same time, one 10 man manage to down a morghast due to berzerk fury and the other squad gets to essentially swing twice and kill 15 reapers on his turn which let me move on to his gravesites on my turn. Although a 2+ reroll 1s (from a nearby ancient magmadroth) reduce rend 1 magmadroth (it's own trait) is practically a tank against all the reapers. Aurics had no decent targets. Hearthguards are amazing per expectations.
  13. Nah. The worst would be something that may not have any updates at all. That being said, when introducing new players, I always start with the narrative, then find a battletome army they'll enjoy. And I recommend Ironjaws and BCR over KO, anyday. 🤣
  14. Pretty excited to try a couple of lists, not 100% on the points cost yet but gonna try this on the weekend: Lofnir Runesmither on Magmadroth, Lofnir artefact, +1 Save Prayer Runeson on Magmadroth Runeson on Magmadroth Runemaster - General, +1 Save Prayer (for redundancy) Battlesmith - Spell immune 4+ artefact aura 5 Auric Hearthguard 5 Auric Hearthguard 5 Auric Hearthguard 15 Broadaxes Hearthguards Forge Brethen Flamespiter Runicwall Don't think you'll leave the magmahold without bringing some Hearthguard berzerkers. Those guys are choppy. Magmadroth will have at least 3+ save rerolling 1, a couple might have 2+ rerolling 1s. Would struggle against non-spell mortal wounds.
  15. There's an interesting snippet on 'duardin' alliance in the fyreslayers book. :v
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