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  1. Kudos to GW for quick errata and FAQ. Wasn't expecting this until June to be fair.
  2. ??? Do explain. Split and Split again (second paragraph): "Set up the additional models one at a time within 1"of the position that the slain model had occupied". Rare is the occasion where the blues fail to appear. I think you need 4 (32mm) models surrounding a pink for the second blue to failed to be placed.
  3. Funnily enough, this tells me that OBR battletome is intended or OBR's balancing changes are on hold for corporate marketing/greed reasons. All in all, they are good changes.
  4. Ya, this is still true but not really a big deal since you require a 1 in destiny dice pool. Previously they were passing battleshock on any destiny dice regardless of casualties.
  5. FAQ is out. Lord of Change can't change destiny dice. No Kairos summoning. Changehost teleports 1 unit and destiny dice does not effect save rolls and battleshock rolls.
  6. For Kharadron Overlords, I'll instead called ingenious inventions (prayer like abilities): - Macken Corp's Supremacy Nuke - it does what it says, Nuke people with aetherblast - Aethermatic Protector Gholem - whilst within range, it protects all with pulsating aethershields (Like Tau drones) - Malefic sky mines - litter the battlefield with small magic and heat seeking mines.
  7. Been playing with Tzeentch lately because (competitive) mates all want to check out all new fuss about. Here, I'm somewhat glad that KO's highest placing at Cancon is 30th. That means I can take it against anyone and people don't dread facing KO. 🤣 Still think that the Ironclad should be 450-460 point model though. And the admirals and heroes drop 10-20 points each. Otherwise everything else is good (even arkanauts).
  8. Right... it seems that DoT book came into the tournament scene strong. Still early days, players may adapt and counters will turn up. Or possibly, the realm-lords will put Tzeentch back in his place. Then the cycle of balance continues.
  9. Ya. That's my first thought as well. Tempests Eye Pistoliers
  10. Gunhaulers aren't behemoth or artillery fyi. If the FEC FAQ is anything to go by, yes if the Frigate is Battleline, it's no longer a behemoth and you can bring more than 4 Frigate. Yes but why 5 frigates?
  11. A Barak Nar Grundstok foot list: a Legit list? Just bouncing some ideas in my head while waiting earlier today. I thought this could be a workable alternative list. More traditional AoS deployment with grundstok marching up the table with a khemist embedded in each squad. The 2 gunhaulers will carry everyone else with Brokk (with reroll charges!) The core of the list 2-3 blocks of thunderers with a khemist (660-990 points), your "strike" team can be anything you prefer.
  12. They were poo ... and people keep selling them for cheap secondhand, and when the battletome dropped... i had 5 gunhauler (4 unbuilt) haha. End up selling up the 5th. Damn nice to see people doing well.
  13. Remember there's 2 guys: the guy who drinks tea and the guy who coked out. Could be the same guy, just different days. ----------- When the battletomes dropped and i saw Changehost, I could immediately field it with my collection and I did try. It was strong, but since then I had 5 games with KO and still only 1 with Tzeentch. KO still got me into AoS and I lucked out that the options presented is what I wanted to do anyways. (E.g Field ironclad with escorts etc). Power is not a concern. Although I might still bring out to a small tournament if the mission format is favorable. Still my weakest army compare to Fyreslayers or Tzeentch so unlikely to get nerfed (other than the odd errata) and most likely get small buffs over time. Still has more rewarding play than my other armies. So far, i can see many agrees that: KO is not a 5/0 nor a dominating battletome. More of B tier, 3-2 army. KO has more "pre-built" options in the battletome (compare to previous no ship or 1 ship) The current ruleset does not support transport garrisons very well. Probably see the improved 'Transport' system when Grotbag Scuttlers come out in 2-3 years or so... I rather talk about what we ca do: with what we have; to deal with what's out there.
  14. Ya, had a game against Tzeentch (was not a Changehost) and lost myself but that's because I only had 2 heroes and teleporting on objectives doesn't work. If your meta is Tzeentch heavy, maybe it's time to castle up around a Khemyst with Emergency Vent artifacts for an aura of -1 to hit. Or the Intrepid Prospector battalion can push out your screen further away. Kill the flamers first. Don't think you can kill the LoC in one round reliably. For most part, It's who ever gets the first in second battleround wins in this matchup. Ha.
  15. Probably true. Still exploring what the book is offering after all. I have not considered Barak Nar seriously. List is not exhaustive. Every time I look at Barak-Nar, I wished it was 5+ ignore spell effects Amendment instead. In terms of list idea for Barak-Nar is starting off with 3*10 Grundstok Thunderers, probably in a frigate each, and a Gunhauler with 2-3 heroes. Paint them all as the black marines ghostbuster squadron. So there's more for later since there's 6 battleline options. I would definitely explore it at a later date especially if the battletome internal balance is good. Maybe an army of MSU riggers and Gunhaulers in Barak Thryng with fyreslayers support. I feel like the only model that doesn't bring much to the table, is the Endrinmaster on foot.
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