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NOS Nighthaunt from starter plus extras.

Absolution black

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I had listed these before and had some interest but nothing materialised and I didn't get around to putting them on ebay!

Just wondered if there is any interest in the following as I am not going to be starting a Night Haunt army now.

Nighthaunt half of the Soul Wars starter box

The ETB Myrmourn Banshees (4) and Glaivewraith Stalkers (4)

The ETB Dreadblade Harrows (2)

All are Brand new and still on Sprue.  I will pack the warscroll cards too where relevant.


Would prefer to keep it UK only but if anyone is prepared to pay that bit extra I will post further afield.  Paypal preferred.

I have sold on here before and also ebay (refreshmentboy) and The Warhammer Forum (Barundin thunderhammer).

Looking for £55  £50 inc postage.


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