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My current death army idea....

Mr Spadge

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So, I'm slowly building towards the following list... 


**Legion of sacrament**

Vampire lord on zombie dragon

-general (+3" move aura)

-Ethereal amulet


-amethistine pinions


Vampire lord


- amaranthine orb


2x necromancer

-1 has overwhelming dread, other has fading vigor


2x 30 grimghast reapers


1x 40 skeletons


2x 5 dire wolves


Corpse cart



2k spot on


I was originally hoping to go nighthaunt and use the grimghast+glaive wraith batallion as I love the models (and it seems pretty good ? ) but I can't get over the idea that at least on paper, grimghast seem kinda dumb in a legions army...


I expect the faq allowing you to use gravesites/etc on them to dissappear at some point so I guess I have 2 questions for all of you....


1) looking at semi competitive... but mostly casual.... what do you think of the list above??


2) if it were to change to pure nighthaunt, with the batallion of 2x grimghast and 2x glaive wraith,  what would you suggest to go with it??

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Looking at the list, if you replace the vampire and necromancer with Arkhan the black, then it looks like just about any other LoS tournament list, which is the second most common next to Nagash lists it looks like, and even then the only change is in the hero slots.


It is definitely a competitive list, and will challenge anything but an optimized list and crush casual lists into dust. If you do play any kind of tournament games and as you say aim for competitive/semi competitive, then it should be a solid choice.


For the deathstalker battalion I don't have much experience with it, as the glaive wraiths are just so underwhelming and a huge tax, their only gimmick with the drummer can be done better by bladegheists, who also has more synergy with one of the best nighthaunt heroes, the spirit torment.


If I was forced to run the battallion though, I would most likely keep the glaives to a maximum of 8 man units, and use them for objective capping and general annoyances. As you only mark a single unit, the questions is what unit you mark, as throwing 2 units of 20-30 man reaper units into anything sounds like massive overkill. Although if something like the everqueen is on the board, saying you got these 40+ reapers out to get her, might make your opponent far more scared to parade her around, acting like a deterrent of sorts. You could also just box in an undesirable unit in a formation, and kill other stuff while making your opponent too scared to actually charge in. 



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