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  1. If you don't mind one duplicate, ossiarch bonereapers are solid as msu πŸ™‚ (one duplicate because they only have 2 battleline options πŸ˜‰ ) but my army is - leige kavalos, soulmason, boneshaper, soul reaper, 20 mortek guard, 10 mortek guard, 5 deathriders, 4 morghast harbingers, harvester, crawler. πŸ™‚
  2. As a petrifex player I thought I'd weigh in a bit on this..... I chose petrifex based on the 3+save and cool colour scheme, I was rewarded further by some cool stuff and the hatred of the internet. My list is deliberately as varied as possible (leige, boneshaper, soulmason, soul reaper, 20 mortek, 10 mortek, 5 deathriders, 4 morghast, 1 catapult, 1 harvester) so that I can bring the cool stuff to the table. Having used them at tournaments (nothing top tier, I'm not that kinda player... but throne of skulls/etc), I find that when people know what they're doing, my army crumbles in short order. Defeating obr in a smash-face fight is quite hard (they are the 2nd toughest army behind certain fyreslayers builds) so you need to pick your targets very carefully (i would suggest dropping any harvesters you can asap for example πŸ˜‰ ) Out of 6 games at the last ToS event I went to, I won 4 of them. Lost to cities of sigmar (I didn't have enough board coverage to protect all the objectives and they eventually shot down my support stuff), and beastclaw raiders (who just pulverized everything in combat) Please, if you need help taking on the obr, PRACTICE! They are nothing even close to unbeatable. Just remember that if your plan is "hit them until they die" you probably need a better plan.... unless you have bcr level output πŸ˜‰
  3. Just curious.... amongst my many future project ideas is a stormcast vanguard army (as in vanguard models) Just wondering what people suggest a vanguard list would look like if I want it to be cool as possible.... happy to mix non vanguard stuff in, but would want it to be mostly vanguard. Every list I put together seems to throw a massive unit of long strikes in an anvils army and build around that- which seems boring... so any ideas for a more varied list πŸ™‚
  4. Skim read lots of whining πŸ˜‚ But I'll add that, from tos at the weekend, when I saw a grot boss on spider do 16 mortal wounds to my cavalry (killing them in one go) after planting 4 endless spells in front of my mortek... yeah that was a tough game. Gloomspite are more than capable against obr. Someone mentioned maggotkin. Is the blighting battallion that gives them rend not in favour any more? Cuz they should chew through just about any obr unit. Add drones/pusgoyles to get over the line and kill support stuff and they're golden... not seeing a big issue here... But I wanted to shed some light on the scenario and provide at least some insight on what peoples options are... if people want to take that on board, awesome, I hope they do well. If not, I have no time to argue back and forth endlessly for no reason so I'll let you argue amongst yourselves πŸ‘
  5. Tanky units you have to avoid and kill the support first? It's been a thing since the early days of whfb, why is it an issue now all of a sudden? I don't see people claiming fyreslayers are the new cheese, despite hearthguard being both tankier and harder hitting than mortek (with better movement and deployment potential) same thing for so many other units. The only difference is mortek are new and as such are under more scrutiny. Give it a few months and people will have moved on to complain about the next big thing. Been a while since I saw anyone whine about grimghast... I remember when bringing those meant you were the scum of the earth as well... but they are cool and I still use them, even if people have found all the ways to get around them now. ^This sort of reaction^ comes across (to me at least) as people not wanting to adapt and change their approach Edit: I didn't mention deathriders as nobody seems to have an issue with them. Same with stalkers. Everyone seems to hate the mortek, so I mentioned them
  6. I'm sorry to hear that... I've been playing bonereapers since release and took them to throne of skulls last weekend... 4 wins and 2 losses, with one of those wins being a minor I scraped at the end of the last turn against spiderfang. There are weaknesses to the bonereapers, I don't have the time or inclination to list all of them here but I can safely say they were a challenge to use at the top tables, where my opponents were aware of those weaknesses and how to exploit them. So, a couple of pointers.... which are good things to know for any army... 1) unless you are packing a bunch of high damage, rend-2 (or better)... you are not realistically going to kill a supported unit of mortek guard - spend your efforts elsewhere 2) like most unread armies, they rely HEAVILY on their support stuff to make them efficient. See a harvester? That thing needs to die, even if it costs you more than you'd like, it will make cutting through the infantry around it several times easier. 3) as with 2, any boneshapers should be an easy target (stop them repopulating/healing stuff) 4) bonereaper armies are, by design, going to have small unit counts... this, along with their generally slow movement, makes them terrible at objective games. Get used to movement blocking and playing the missions. 5) the rules assume you're using the realm rules, so use them!. The bonereaper can't make use of the command abilities in the realms, but you can (fancy fighting first in hysh? Or healing your genreral to full wounds each turn in shyish? - an advantage you have that they dont) 6) across 6 games at the weekend.... my soulreaper (terrible combat mage guy) did more damage than my catapult - and the soulreaper was only in 3 of the 6 games!. If you have anything fast enough to catch it - you can render the catapult 100% useless by tagging it in combat. Plus make use of any kind of bonus to your saves, cover etc... the lack of rend on that catapult really affects how reliable it is. That's all I can be bothered to type out atm... but I hope it in some way helps πŸ™‚ I'll leave you with the knowledge that not all bonereaper players started them to wreck their opponents... I thought they were cool looking, now I'm having to dodge the glare of people who haven't ever played against me thinking I'm some kind of powergamer.... the state the hobby is in atm I guess πŸ˜“
  7. Consider slaughterpriests as a vampire base model... head swap and some bits... they look amazing
  8. Awesome, it looks like you're the kind of player I don't want to face anyway πŸ‘ i started petrifex before I'd even read the book, their lore and colour scheme are cool.... but that makes me "the enemy" to a lot of people it seems.... so if people are that hung up about them they would "ban" them.... I'll be glad to avoid such a game. But constructive feedback.... I think literally the only thing I'd change is to make battallions HAVE to deploy as one drop. Doesn't change much, but there are match ups where you don't want to give away your deployment to your opponent so it makes deploying (and listbuilding) a little bit more tactical. Other than that, I'm loving aos at the moment
  9. Had my first game with my bonereapers yesterday.... my 4 morghast charged some arrow boys and killed one entire model, then we're shot a lot and charged by a rogue idol... they didn't last long Overall victory was achieved in the end, but I think spooning my dice that hard wasn't the best showing the morghast could have had πŸ˜„
  10. Just curious.... I'm taking this list to throne of skulls next year and wondered what issues and positives people think I'll run into with it... aiming to some decent variety: (Petrifex) Liege kavalos - general, petrifex relic Soulmason- spell tbc Soulreaper - spell tbc Boneshaper - spell tbc 20 mortek guard - swords 10 mortek guard - swords 5 kavalos deathriders - spears 4 morghast harbingers - halberds Gothizzar harvester Catapault Soulstealer carrion spell 2000pts spot on
  11. That is my local store summed up as well... It pushed me away from 40k, as I'm a bit more casual/fluff minded for that... but in aos, we all appreciate the more competitive mindset. We're not tournament winners or anything, but my store does like to have a challenging game πŸ™‚
  12. I have been keeping up with this thread as it seems bonkers.... So, just so I'm aware.... What events do you guys run/attend? If cheaters are this rife at them I'd like to know so I can avoid the events/gaming area wherever possible. I normally only attend events locally to me or at warhammer world but have never encountered cheating once in 16 years of going to events.... so I have to wonder what the state of the game is outside my experience if people are this scared of players deliberately cheating πŸ€”
  13. Looking good @toaae And you've gone for almost exactly the same scheme as me (I've used normal bone as my secondary colour πŸ˜‰ )
  14. I'm just curious.... Have any of the people here complaining about bonereapers actually tried writing a competent list with them? Like, something that will win a gt more often than not. I'm curious, since this thread is about them being "hideously overpowered" if anyone has managed such nonsense yet? They are a tough army to shift, that is slow moving but hits crazy hard.... which sums up fyreslayers as well.. . And fyreslayers dont seem to be dominating the scene so maybe there's more to it? As others have mentioned, give the book a chance people... it's been a few days πŸ˜’
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