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Returning to the hobby from the West of Ireland


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Hi All, 

Getting back into painting and hobbying after a long break, have been lurking on this forum for awhile, it's been giving me the push to get paint on the pile of shame!

Into skirmish sized games generally (This is Not a Test, Mordheim, A Song of Blades and Heroes, Hinterlands).

Hopefully will be posting acceptably painted minatures in the near future! All construction criticism welcomed! ;)





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Thanks! Probably was away about the same length, finished building a house last year, so have my own hobby space now! Didn't really have time or space before. 

Always enjoyed the building and painting side, find it very relaxing. Very slow at it though!

Joined this page for motivation to get things finished, like this Necromancer that's about 3 weeks almost finished (with the Penguin book of spells)IMG_20181113_215224.jpg.2d2c49bed0ccec434b4a624ecf41a17e.jpg

WIP Necromancer and Damsel


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Fair play! Both on the new gaf and the hobby space - i only have the old school painting station on tripod in the the corner!

I love the robes on those! Where did that damsel model come from? 


Here is some stuff i am working on myself - Kurnoth Hunters with 'spears' 



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