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Size base of endless spells



Hi everyone!

I'm looking at the size of the base of the different endless spells (i have neat ideas in head for the soulsnare shackle and the prismatic palissade), but i cant find it.

On the website of GW they have a pdf with the base size of every model in the range, except for endless spells where it is just stated "use the model".

So i can understand that its not easy for suffocating gravetide and prismatic palissade who seems pretty unique, but the other endless spells have round base, so it should be 40mm , 50mm or 60mm per spell.

As anyone already found this information? Someone who have the malign sorcery could check the size?

Sorry for my english and thanks! I'm sure i'm bot the only one who want to customise an endless spell ;)

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Hi @rattila,

Mealstrom and Burning Head: 50mm round

Life Swarm and Pendulum: roughly 64x42 oval (it is not a default base size)

Gravetide and Palisade: not a base at all in some sense :( at least very weirdly shaped

Sun and Jaws: 105x70 oval

Everything else: 40mm round


This accounts for the Malign Sorcery spells. I am not sure about the faction specific ones, though. Hope I could help :)

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