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BoK - how to optimize Skulltake Battalion?


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(listing this from the general discussion thread)

So, being a bit of an oldschooler I'm not a big fan of the whole priest/prayer/worship thing going on in Khorne right now.  While Gore Pilgrims definitely seems to be the best battalion I personally find the concept rather un-Khorney.

Skulltake on the other hand I like much better, so I've decided to use that battalion in my army. I'm wondering though, how to best complement its smashyness? I've looked at running an Aspiring Deathbringer and Juggerlord behind them, for example, but now that I think of it I'm not sure I'll have enough command points to activate both abilities each round. Suggestions?

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I think deathbringer is the answer, with bloodsecrator. BoK lack  of defensive skills, and they are surprisingly vulnerable. smash enemies as fast as you can, or you will be  blown up. adding attack characteristic is a huge buff for bok.

though Cygor can unbind, but no one will use Cygor instead of Ghorgon in a khorne schemed army. you will still need priest to unbind.

I personally dont recommend using more other heroes from other factions, because it's hard to ignore BoK's mobility. 

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