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  1. Thanks just some reaver blades and old dwarven shields that I had lying around. Some greenstuff for gaps. Not 100% happy with it since it's a bit too "obvious" that it's a conversion, but as a buckler it's certainly decent
  2. A few pages ago I asked for feedback on how to convert a decent Gorefist-counts-as. Here are the results:
  3. This. It's funny, I followed how GW became increasingly precise in their wordings and descriptions of units/rules through 4th to 6th ed. 40k codices as a response to such misunderstandings (and the inevitable abuses that followed). You'd think they had learned their lesson when they designed AoS, instead we have to sit patiently and watch them reinvent the wheel all over again. 🙄 I think that was my first thought when I read a Warscroll for the first time in like 2015: "Yeah, they're gonna be re-writing and FAQing these for a long time..."
  4. This should give you an idea https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hammer_and_anvil
  5. Sorry man but yeah. Atleast Slaughterborn. I was in team Skulltake in the old book as well and back then it was the only half-ok option compared to Gore Pilgrims. I think we're still stuck in that mindset. Skulltake is arguably better now than before (or actually I do miss those Khorgie attacks), but the whole battalion hangs on keeping a 12" bubble together whereas Slaughterborn is a passive buff which is also a great one. The Skulltake batallion will generate 5-8 extra wounds in a game on a good day, whereas Slaughterborn will have a drastic impact on our survivability. On the Skullfiend vs. Goretide issue I'm not sure. Initially I was team Skullfiend as it's much closer to my army fluffwise, but at the same time the rules don't offer much for my army (I only run 2 Khorgies) beside the hit re-rolls. I think I've yet to use the command ability or get the extra bloodtithe, and the artifact is the same as Mark of the Destroyer. Compare that to getting a great movement boost for our anvil, and also getting re-rolls to wound which we don't have much of at all in the new book. That said, I've only played with Skullfiend (5 games) so far, and may be overrating Goretide.
  6. Yeah that was my reasoning before as well. But now with the new book I've started to think of it as "one big anvil" or "several small anvils" instead. Especially with Slaughterborn which, coupled with a sprinkle of Bronzed Flesh, can make for a very anvil-y 15 man BW unit. I don't see one of two 10 man units having the same survivability, nor requiring the same amount of focus for your opponent: They'll cut down 6 models and have a largely insignificant 4 man unit left. 9 models left however... Yeah I'm trying to avoid having to do several 'catapults' as well, preferrably one initial to put the "anvil" into place, and have them survive for a turn so that my Skullreapers etc can move in. Note I'm theorizing pretty heavily here and have only tried a 15-man in two 3-turn games so far, but it worked pretty well in one of them.
  7. @Xasz, when running a Goretide/Slaughterborn army like the one you posted, what do you think about the merits of merging two BW units into one central 15/20 man unit to catapult into the enemy's face early?
  8. I’m a bit torn whether to use 1x15 and 1x5 or go all the way with 1x20 in a Goretide/Slaughterborn army. A whipped 1x20 with Bronzed flesh and double Gorecleavers could do some serious work as an anvil and should easily survive a double turn. However I’m also contemplating the benefits of a 1x5 running around as you say, and with a 3+ save ignoring one point of rend, perhaps 20 is overkill. Also regarding Chaos Warriors, I’ve been using 1x10 with shields for a long time and 4 out of 5 games they rarely do anything but stand around and die. And even that they dont do very well. Will be playing them as BWs from now on and will replace then as soon as my painting backlog is cleared.
  9. Maybe the Forbidden Power expansion has some movement-enhancing spells that Slaughterpriests can use :D
  10. 8 of 15 daemons based! ****** the pics were dark, sorry!
  11. I thought this as well, but actually the Asp. Deathbringer bubble might not be so superior after all. If you only cover 5 Skullreapers, the extra dmg output from the Exalted Deathbringer (equipped with MotD for 7, 9 or 10 attacks), still comes out on top, and it doesn't require a command point either. If you cover 10, then sure, more attacks, but will you get them all in b2b contact? Compared to a single character. Important anecdotal data: Last weekend my Exalted Deathbringer bravely ran up to a Vampire Lord on Dragon and chucked his spear into that skinny belly, finishing him off and getting me back into the game. The Dragon was newly bloodboiled and down to 4 wounds, but still! Mortal Wounds come in quite handy against a Mystic Shielded 3+ save that ignores rend.
  12. I've been using him with great success, especially as a counter-charger - he is squishy but has 2" range with the spear, so put him behind your other troops. I don't really see the point in giving him Gorecleaver though? I've been giving him Mark of the Destroyer (or "Crowncleaver" as the Skullfiend Tribe version is called), as I prefer a high minimum number of attacks instead of becoming even more reliant on 6+ procs. I run a Juggerlord general though who tends to race around the battlefield quite a bit though (especially to ninja-summon daemons on enemy objectives). On top of an objective in a Goretide army, with 7-9 attacks getting to reroll wounds, I reckon he'll be particularly deadly.
  13. Another modelling question: Anyone have the diameter of the top floor of the Altar? ie. where the Slaughterpriest is supposed to stand. 3-3,5" pretty much correct?
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