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  1. So, when it comes to Preytakers, how are you guys planning on playing them? Strictly swords or one of each? Or none at all? Also torn on the First Fangs, I'm really keen on running two in my warband, what're your thoughts on that?
  2. If I understand this correctly then, sword preytakers are generally better over axes?
  3. Speaking of these, does anyone know how many will be needed at maximum in one game?
  4. This is a pretty good point. Even in AoS there's one particular unit loadout that you are gonna see 80% of the time. Most of the time, having weapon options is mostly about the idea of having a choice, if you know what I mean. My problem with this is the modelling aspect. While the models are gorgeous, it's not very fun seeing identical warbands all the time. The review does have some interesting points about the campaign also. It doesn't sound super interesting. However I can see this game being very good for a one-day group campaign with 4-5 games. Btw, regarding Mordheim, a group of scandinavian gamers recently set up some kind of Mordheim-weekend, with awesome models and terrain. I think John Blanche was involved too. Check out #mordheim2019 on instagram for pictures.
  5. Solid points, I must've overlooked the health aspects. With two cats you'll have a damn fast warband. Btw, is anyone clear on post-game recruitment? As far as I understood we can spend 1 glory point for 50 points, or 3 for 100. Can we keep these in a stash between games? Otherwise it's gonna be difficult to get another cat later on.
  6. Interesting, why do you think that? Cause I can't see any reason to take them other than to fill up points or as objective cappers. Plus I really don't like the models
  7. In a general situation I'd agree, Preytakers have 2 base damage though which makes their output a bit more reliable. Plus Iron Golem with their T4 are gonna be very popular.
  8. Great initiative, I've been pondering how to choose my warband members alot in the past days. There's a few things I'd like to discuss, based on what we know at the moment: 1. First Fang - one or two? I think he looks really solid and the ranged attack seems quite strong for its range. I'm probably gonna convert the Heart-eater mini to a second one and run two of them (I'll convert my own Heart-eater instead). 2. Preytakers - axes or swords? Basically it's A3/S4 or A4/S3. I think Strength is gonna be a biggie in this game so I'm voting axes. You? 3. Plains-runners. Are they useful at all except as chaff? Move 5 but they hit like wet tissues. Maybe to snatch objectives? Are there any rules on break/battleshock/bottle tests that make quantity of warband members matter?
  9. Or a group of Stormcasts guided by a Chaos wizard to attacking a raging.... bunny.
  10. I actually like the fact that there's no serious damage for falling. Makes for more cinematic and riskier movement, which is what this game is all about. Plus I remember from the Mordheim days when trying to jump based on initiative tests was basically asking to get taken Out Of Action straight away. What was it, like one I-test per 2" length? With standard initiative being 3..
  11. Yeah, I'm strongly considering running two of these guys, the attack itself is decently strong but the range is great. On that topic, has anyone seen anything regarding shooting and LOS? More specifically if we can shoot through other models or not.
  12. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/07/18/warband-focus-untamed-beastsgw-homepage-post-4/ Maybe it's just me but they don't really strike me as a particularly 'fast' warband. Or am I overlooking the abilities perhaps?
  13. Has anyone seen anything in the rules regarding bottle/break tests? I'm thinking if there's a point in bringing more bodies to the table in that regard.
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