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Exalted greater daemon of Slaanesh and Daemonettes questions




So my Slaanesh army helped my friends Khorne army give all their blood to the blood god last night and we had a few things that we discussed that I wanted to hear your thoughts on:

1. Exalted greater daemon of Slaanesh. The command ability (Exalted excess of violence) states that is can be used at the start of the combat phase. Does this mean that (if I have the command points) I can trigger this in any combat phase and I don't need to trigger the ability in my hero phase?

2. Daemonettes. Their graceful killers ability says that rolls of 5 or more gives me an extra attack (in a unit of 20 or more models). If I run a Pretenders host and get to reroll 1s to hit how far can I go with the rerolls? I understand that I can't reroll a reroll but are the extra attacks generated considered as rerolls? So let's say that first roll is a 6, I get an extra attack and roll a 1, I reroll the extra attack and roll a 6. Do I get an extra attack? Am I allowed to reroll the extra attack?

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1. Yes you can activate the exalted demon’s ability every combat phase yours and your opponent’s. 

2. Yes you can reroll the extra attack. No it doesn’t generate more attacks from that extra attack. Only normal attacks can generate extra ones. (This does not include abilities that add+x attacks those can generate more from hit procs. )

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