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Sky Pirate Army Idea


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Hey guys!

I am thinking of starting a new army. Let me start saying that I am not that much of a player, more a collector/painter, Therefore, I was thinking about building a fluffy sky-pirate army with some kit-bashing and conversions. This are the ideas I have so far:

-BlackArk Corsairs and fleet master: basic pirate troops obviusly!

- Skycutters with Corsair crew, a Little piratify-ed.

- Empire Cannons using converted corsairs as crew

- W40 Dark eldar raider, converted to look more inline with the army, also with cannons on board. It could be a steam tank proxy.


Do you have any other ideas or suggestions of what could fit the army?

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Great idea, but I think that a pirate army in AoS would have a captain on a dragon or a diferent flying monster.

You could ad some archers or a canon, or handguners like in Temeraire. Also check e-bay for Birdmen of Catrazza miniatures.

Or you can go destraction and make pirates orks with kromlech parts

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I'm doing a sea elf themed army and had some ideas that maybe could help you.

When you get the Skycutters they come with a "skywarden", which is the old sea helm model. This guy looks like king Neptune and has a legacy war scroll that buffs Sea guard. GW aren't selling Sea guard anymore but there is a heap of them on Ebay because they came in the Island of blood starter set. They have seaweed all over them so they look maritime but not too much like pirates without some work.  Another cool pirate model would be the Kharibdyss, basically a huge sea monster. 

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