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What a time to be alive


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Hi there,

I've been in and out of the hobby for around 20 years (same old story) but haven't been involved in Fantasy / AoS since around 6th edition.

I've always tried to keep up to date with the fluff, and although it was sad to read of the old world's passing, many years of trying to create interesting reasons for army X to be fighting army Y when we know full well they live 6000 miles apart has led me to think something a bit crazier and more fantastical will make cool narratives much easier to conceive.

So; i've been planning to get back in for a while and with the AoS 2.0 bandwagon rolling through town, the time feels right.

I'm really interested in the new rules for realms, and have long liked the idea of building an army that really takes on the unique character of where they're from.

With that in mind, I've picked perhaps the strangest combination of army and realm I could think of; namely Sylvaneth, effectively the avatars of life, but from the realm of Death. There are a lot of great 'scary Sylvaneth' armies out there that I will be drawing inspiration from, but I will certainly be trying to give the thing my own spin.

Also, being based in North London I'm hoping to find a club or gaming group that I might be able to get a few games with, despite being primary into the modelling and painting side of things.

Anyhow's, it's nice to be here!


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Welcome to the forum @VerusNine  :D

Welcome back to the game as well, Sylvaneth are still very potent and with free summoning very scary! I'm from Harlow in Essex and while not super local to North London I'm not crazy far away. If that's not too far for you for some pick up  games / I run a club in Harlow drop me a line :D

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