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The Rise of the Tomb King Imri and his merry allied


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Hey guys so I have finally started my Death army after last weekend I got gifted with

1 tomb king on foot

1 king on chariot

2 liche priests on foot

2 liche priests on skeletal steed 

20 skeleton warriors with swords and shields 

25 skeleton warriors with spears and shields

20 archers 

10 skeleton horsemen

And a necromancer I brought myself last week

I have yet to build

The 6 chariots I was given

5 horse archers / horsemen

This is just the start of my Death plans of course so here's a picture showing the colour scheme I am going with for the majority of the army.

Sorry if it's a bad picture I took it quickly while I was charging my phone 


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So update 

I decided to give the skeletons a thin layer of screaming skull to make them look less Blandish am trying to decide whether to nuln oil the armour and weapons or not .

Also heres a Necromancer i painted when the SoW kicked off his name is Erik Von Shroud. From a fluff point of view he lives in my tomb kings city which he rules over with his vampire bride. Thanks to his bride his priests who had began studying necromancy in the world that never was during the end times have mastered it and as such while the core of his legion are going to be tomb kings the rest is undead stuff raised.

Pics are taken on my mobile so they arent great



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So completely forgot to pick up some seraphim sepia but i managed to get myself a copy of grand alliance death so its not a complete loss.

Sorry for the blah picture but between the many things I've got going on right now i haven't had time to find a decent place to take pictures of units so heres the first 20 man skeleton block which im calling finished for now 


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So brought myself a skeleton horde box + a extra box of black knights so I have

10 knights

10 more skellies

Mannfred Mortarch of Night

My army will mostly be led by Mannfred as I loved his fluff from when I originally had a vampires army in 8th ed fantasy before they got their 8th ed book.

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