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  1. I'd say this is fine with one exception remove the voodoo dolls actual voodoo priests/queens don't use them they come from witch craft not voodoo.
  2. I plan to kit bash one out of the plastic empire general kit mixed with Black Knights parts
  3. I hate this aesthetic and it makes me dread what they will do to my elves and undead
  4. Thanks guys I do already play daemons in 40k as one of several armies I own. I was asking about pyre tzeench because I've never ran it in AoS only ever in support to my khorne mortals Arny. The lord of change while a nice model looks like it'd be a nightmare for me to transport depending on how big it is as I haven't seen it in person it probably wouldn't fit in the shoebox I transport my riptide in.
  5. So picked up the start collecting box yesterday primarily for 40k but combined with the current daemons I have (which is quite tzeench heavy) i can do a pure tzeench list however I'm wondering is the LoC mandatory or can a prince do the same job?
  6. I say go for it My death army is mainly a large bunch of tomb kings stuff I was given with a start collection skeleton horde box a box of black knights a necromancer a converted vampires and a converted wright king added to it. Its actually quite a fun army. My Dark Elves are my only other old world army they are great fun too.
  7. This so much this I ran 10 in a 550 point test game for the doubles tournanent at my local gw todau and all I can say is 10 black knights charging one turn retreating the next with blood feast on them charged and wiped out a unit of 20 saurus warriors.
  8. Please gw do not give us a mortal death faction.
  9. Sigh Looks like I'll be ignoring most new lore then Saying that for my Dark Elves I also ignore the lore due to the fact I hate the whole were good guys now.
  10. I really hope they don't move away from the army of the dead theme with death. I love the idea of a necromancer or vampire raising him a entire army of the dead enslaved to his will
  11. As much as I hate to admit it I'm being tempted to start a storm cast eternals army lol
  12. A thought on summoning. Why not make it so you can summon back units you have already paid for in your army list. Ie I have a block of 20 skeletons which get destroyed during the game. So I now may summon up to 20 skellies to replace those I lost. This would kind of give undead their necronancy spells back while allowing seraphon sylvaneth and chaos to actually make use of summoning.
  13. So another update Il admit since traitors hate came our my death have not had any love but anyway i finally completed mannfred and the Tomb Kings Vampire bride.
  14. Will have a look around having picked up some blight kings im considering betraying khorne
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