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AoS2 Charge and Combat questions



So I read the rules for AoS2 and have a couple of questions, if my assumptions are correct.

Combat Phase:
- for Melee attacks the only requirement is that the target is in range of the weapon. Does this mean, that in melee you can attack through walls? Or even from behind another unit?
- do wounds caused by multiple damage attacks "spill over"?

Charge Phase:
- charging unit does not need to see the unit it wishes to charge, am I right?
- also I don't need to nominate a target, so I could tie up multiple units this way?
- only the first model needs to end its charge move inside 1/2" of an enemy unit. Does this mean that I could tie up other units with moving inside 3" of them?
- I could use the Pile In move to "dance around" and engage even more units in combat?

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Charge phase:

1. It doesn't specify that enemy unit must be visible, so I think, yes.

2. and 3. Yes,  when you charge one unit you can also end up within 3" of another and yes, you can engage more than one units by piling in (if they are close enough -remember about coherency, because breaking it in this edition can cost you a big part of your unit).

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Combat Phase:

1. Yes, you can attack through wall and other units as long as you're in range (and in close-combat, you have to be in 3'' of enemy unit and remember that walls and fences have their own rules),

2. Yes, you can kill more than one model with the right amount of damage.

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On 6/21/2018 at 5:22 PM, Vanger said:

@michu Thank you for confirming my suspicions! :)

On point 2, it's good to note that you can dance around as much as you want when piling in, as long as you end equally close, or closer, to the nearest enemy model. 

This means that while you can never move -away- from the nearest enemy model, there is a lot of freedom of how you end up closer. 

Some people disregard this, and move anywhere, or think they have to move straight towards the model, so posting this for clarity :)

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