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Starting AoS khorne army

Warchief Varard

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Hey new member im starting age of sigmar and picked khorne as my starting chaos splurge.

Already have;

- 20 bloodletters

- bloodsecrator 

- mightylord of khorne 

- 10 fleshhounds

- 6 chaos trolls 

- chaos sorcerer 

- khorgorath  (ive been  using him as bel'kor or as his standard incarnation)

Painting them up and had a few small games at local gw having a blast.

i think ill get 10 more bloodletters to round them off and 5 wrathmongers as my next installment.

After those are finished what is the communities thought on what would be a good investment to my forces next, i was thinking skarbrand but my generals handbooks is still in the post limbo realm and i dont even know the points bracket im in now let alone if my bloodletters count as battline units now with the new book release.

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Personally I'd say your next direction is some more Mortals, and their supporting units. You want to grab some Bloodrevers, some Bloodwarriors, a BloodSecrator,  and a Chaos Warshrine.

Aim here is to have some more numerous units to choke an enemy with, without being too vulnerable. In particular having units which can fight again if they're killed is a big help in piling on those battleshock tests.

Oh and watch out for Gorechosen board game getting released, it'll give you a boost of heroes at a sensible price.

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