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Slaves of darkness list (mylist) still relevant?


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hello guys, i have recently stopped playing or going to a gw store for a bit and wanted to see how my old list would fair now so here it is.

lord of manticore.

sorcerer lord

lord on daemonic mount


20 marauders

20 warriors

10 knights

1 gorebeast


what do you guys think? also should i put spears on the knights?  also, what chaos god or allegiance should i use?

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I would say to spears all day long, they do so much work for



Allegiance wise i really think it is personal, slaanesh for mobility, tzeentch for fate dice and good spells, khorne for stacking attacks ans nurgle for the contagion wheel..  Fatesworn Warband is a good battalion to get rend on all your guys, maybe look into the Everchosen battalions as a start and go from there?

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Everchosen is its own allegiance, it just doesnt have any allegiance abilities. So if you play a 2000 point battle with Everchosen allegiance you could ally in 400 points of Slaves to darkness (or vice versa).

Or simply play Chaos allegiance and include anything you want with the CHAOS keyword.

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