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WTB Looking for models to fill out skirmish warbands


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Hi All, 

I'm looking to buy some models to fill out some skirmish war bands, I'm in Utah, USA, and unfortunately can't pay for shipping from UK.


1x - Stormcast Prosecutor (With  hammers or javelin) 


~10x - Moonclan grots ( mix of weapons, at least 1 with next, at least a few bows, I'll probably convert one into a moonclan grot shaman)

~ 1 -2x - Grot fanatics


1x - Tomb Banshee (Or maybe a model that looks close enough to a banshee I can do some conversion work on)

1x - spirit hosts

5x - skeleton warriors or grave guard ( or a mix)

Hit me up with a DM if you are interested in selling! Unfortunately I don't really have much to trade (unless you want FFG X-wing miniatures ships, I have a few of those).

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