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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. I’m on the lookout for the spare fish ‘accessories’ / bits from the Idoneth kits. 🐠 Do you have some unused and spare you’d be willing to sell? 🙏🏻 I'm particularly keen to find these parts (see the pics attached). I’m UK based and if you’d be willing to go to the trouble of selling these on, I’d be able to make my theme and conversions a reality! 🙌🏻 Thanks in advance for any help — I really appreciate it!
  2. Hi All, I'm looking to buy some models to fill out some skirmish war bands, I'm in Utah, USA, and unfortunately can't pay for shipping from UK. Order: 1x - Stormcast Prosecutor (With hammers or javelin) Destruction: ~10x - Moonclan grots ( mix of weapons, at least 1 with next, at least a few bows, I'll probably convert one into a moonclan grot shaman) ~ 1 -2x - Grot fanatics Death: 1x - Tomb Banshee (Or maybe a model that looks close enough to a banshee I can do some conversion work on) 1x - spirit hosts 5x - skeleton warriors or grave guard ( or a mix) Hit me up with a DM if you are interested in selling! Unfortunately I don't really have much to trade (unless you want FFG X-wing miniatures ships, I have a few of those).
  3. Some nice and simple rules (which I pinched off The Warhammer Forum - Thanks Bugman!) Selling Decent photos with full descriptions are best. Don't hide faults, be honest and don't be over generous with your wording. Short and simple. Use PayPal. It's safer and fairer for everyone. Cash in hand is another good way to do business but not if goods are'nt there to swap. Don't be offended if the money is not gifted, see below for why Weigh your items including packaging Send via a trackable courier. Royal Mail recorded delivery is okay for small items but if it gets lost, you will only get the cost back of the sale. Eg sell a tact squad for a £5 and RM loose it, you only get a £5 back Sending via a trackable courier means that a trackable code is given and you get some insurance, more can be brought Upload the tracking number to PayPal. Failure to do this can mean Paypal disputes go against you even if you can later show it tracking wrap your minis well. Bubble wrap is good with lots of balls of paper in a strong box. Remember the YouTube clip where a box falls off a lorry and gets run over before being picked up, that could be your box. Remember under PayPal, you are responsible for the package until it arrives at the persons house. take pictures as you pack. Everyone has a digital Camera somehow and can easily delete when package arrives Some websites Bugman has used are: http://www.royalmail.com - Single small packs and miniatures sent via 2nd class recorded. Don't pay more then £4 because.... http://www.collectplus.co.uk - £4 for a tracked 2kg parcel with £50 insurance that I can drop off at my local spar shop (Check on the website for your local particpating shop, it may be a newsagents, sparcet al) and get delivered by yodel? Very quick and my favourite choice by far. Will do up to 10kg for £8 but check your box sizing. http://www.interparcel.com - Send it via their "interparcel" choice and at present that means being picked up by UPS with tracking and insurance. Since it goes via UPs even internationally it will be delivered by UPS in a foreign country. http://www.parcelmonkey.con - Used a few times with various couriers and there Customer service is good. Trackable and insured. From the above two, I always use a proper courier (UPS is my voice) Myhermes may be cheaper but I have seen a few go missing in their system Nightlife has suggested: http://www.p4d.co.uk/ ,similar to parcel monkey above Examples of real life posting : 40K large rulebook. Weighs a ton and I said it would cost only £3 via 1st class recorded. Silly me. Royal Mail wanted over £8 but collectplus did it for £4 High Elf Army to Spain - Too big for Royal Mail and tracked and insured by Parcel force for £45, and that's sent via Spain's notoriously slow PO. Interparcel a UPS service did it for £12 and it was delivered in 4 days and tracked all the way Ogre Army UK - Too heavy for RM and parcelforce wanted £40. Didn't know about interparcel or collectplus but this was sent via citylink using parcelmonkey for around £23 with £500 insurance (upgrade). Was able to drop it off at the local citylink depot. Buying Make sure you know what you're getting and how's it's getting to you. Don't be afraid to ask for more pictures Check feedback for that person. If they only have a few feedback a and/or a low post count, doesn't mean it's bad but there is a red flag waving Send via PayPal, not cheque or cash or moneygram DO NOT GIFT - why? If it falls through, PayPal can't refund your money. Having said that, there are several people whom I have traded with and after the initial few times, I now gift, because I know them, otherwise forget it. Make sure when sending the money you say what it's for and what postage, you want it recorded with the number and make sure it's insured Upon arrival, if the box is dented or broken, make sure it's noted in the signature and accepted under protest as damaged, or just refuse the package check the package ASAP, leaving it for a few days seriously reduces any chance of an insurance claim I also want to mention that these aren't my tips but taken from The Warhammer Forum and user Bugman (who is owner of the Dwarf forum Bugmans Brewery). I also want to say that The Grand Alliance Community, does not take responsibility for anything sold on here. Make sure you have done your homework and followed the tips to help you not get into trouble
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