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Hello from London

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Hello good sirs 

so I guess I will introduce myself , I've been in the hobby for 20years now .....wow I've just  made myself feel old lol . I guess that you could say I'm veteran of the hobby I started with 2nd 40k but started playing fantasy in 5th edition when the Vampire counts came out  maybe a little early  than then but vamps was my 1st full army painting it all and play the game ,before that I kind of just built stuff to paint 

I've pretty much played every edition since then  although I didn't play much 7th edition (I think is was around then I found girls and denied my geek status for a while lol) I  came back onto the hobby in 8th edition hard loved the way the rules changed with all crazy magic spells and table stomping hordes you could use

over the years I've collected most armies during that time I think the only army I've not owned is dark elves 


i must admit I was sad at the end of the old world with end times (which was a awesome story btw) I was at a hobby low  ,I lost a lot of gaming friends with  upheaval of AoS we are still mates just don't play together any more :-( but such is life 

but I stuck with AoS and I've found it has reinvigorated my hobby bones and given. Me more freedom to make cool weird and wacky armies and enjoy the hobby side as well as the gaming side of me , it also helped me embrace the narrative  side of gaming  I've really enjoyed playing with no points  not having to worry about min/maxing my units and  having  not use models coz they not worth putting on the table because X unit is better than Y

Well I guess I've rambled on enough  and I will end this with this is a awesome time to be in the hobby so much cool interesting new things to build, play with ,paint and now with the handbook coming out I can get my competive fix too :-)

 the only thing I could hope for now. Is more free time and money to pay for all the cool toys GW is releasing at the moment .....got to stay strong and stick to project at hand  hobby ADD is real thing lol

i hope to be sharing my hobby progress with everyone soon the current army I'm working on is my Japanese themed ogor army 


thank if if you read this far  take care peeps 


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Welcome to the TGA community! I think your hobby story is the same as every hobbyist I know, 'took a break when I found girls/boys and it was uncool' :P 

To find players and clubs in your area, check out the following post, here

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