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Deepstike next to changeling



Hi everyone, this question came up at a local tournament recently, someone deployed a changeling in enemy territory as per rules and on the opponents turn he wanted to use the fyreslayers deepstrike ability to get next to it and surround it. The tzeentch player said that the deep strike rule says you are not allowed to tunnel up within 9” of enemy models and the changeling is an enemy model even though it hasn’t been revealed yet.

anyone know the answer? Since units are allowed within 3” until it’s reveaed is it the same case for deepstriking? Sounds a little weird you are supposed to treat it as part of your army but also treat it as enemy model...

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12 minutes ago, BaldoBeardo said:

Changeling's own rules state it is treated as part of the enemy army. So zero effect on deepstriking.

Absolutely correct, typical Tzeentch trying to hoodwink their opponent!  Also, rather than looking at the warscroll make sure you are referencing the latest FAQ.  Wording for changeling has change (ling)d.  

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